Saturday, March 15, 2008

M at work, report cards, Family fun night, H lost a tooth.

Good Morning, it is Saturday.

Maren is already off to work. She is teaching a class in the morning, then listening to an Author speak in the afternoon with friends. Me and the kids are on our own.

The boys got their report card yesterday. Amazingly both kids did even better than the first trimester. Preston got straight Fours across the entire report card, and Hansen got threes and fours. They could not have done better. Preston's teacher did a much better job on the report cards this trimester as there were actually comments about Preston and his work. Hansen's teacher had great things to say about him as usual. Next week are conferences. Also I am meeting with the Principal to see about having Lillie go to Grass Lake for Kindergarten (it is not our home school, the boys started to go there three years ago due to Preston being invited into the HC program), it would be great to have all three kids there for one year.

Last night Grass Lake had a Free Family Fun Night. I took all three kids, it was a ton of fun. The world jump rope skipping champion, Rene Ribaud put on a show. She was an amazing jump roper. She has toured with Cirque Du Soleil and will be with them in NY this fall. Preston was excited because he got to be her DJ, operating her i-pod when signaled to do so. Lillie and Hansen had a great time. Lillie had like three friends from dance class and stuff and they were all calling her over which was neat because she does not even go to that school yet. Next year Kindergarten. After the performance, it was jump roping for all. Rene set up a double dutch jumping area and kids got to stand in line to double dutch. Lillie did just fine. Me and Lillie even went in together. That was cool. What would happen is that we stood between two jump ropes, then we would jump on timing and Rene would swing the ropes...and then you were just double dutch jumping. Preston was off with his friends trying to do push up jump roping.

As we were trying to get ready to the jump rope show, Hansen pulled out a Tooth! We did not even know it was loose. He just came out of the bathroom with blood all over his hand saying his tooth just came out. I did not remember him getting kicked in the face at Taekwondo Sparring class (we had just got home from that class), but it could have happened, it has happened before. He just said it had been loose, and he pulled it out. If the Tooth Fairy brings him a dollar (which I can say for certain, she did), and he gets paid from his Mom for the 100% on his spelling test yesterday, he will have two dollars. That means until I take him to the dollar store, I will hear non-stop about his abundance of wealth. And of course we would need to stop by Starbucks as he still has a little $$$ on his gift card. The kid loves Starbucks. I have him go with his mom as I am not a big coffee fan.

See you tomorrow.

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