Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Lillie's check up, book fair, no blog tomorrow?

Good Morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday Lillie had her 5 year old check up with Dr. Wiseman. Lillie is doing great. She was 98% in height, 93% in weight, she knew all her numbers, wrote her name perfectly using a mixture of uppercase and lowercase letters, and passed all her mini tests. Lillie was a trooper, she had 4 shots, and a finger prick to draw blood. Only the last shot hurt. Going pee in a cup...well, that was not happening. We tried the whole drink more water thing, but that did not work. We were sent home with a special cup that she can fill when convenient, then be whisked to the Dr. office.

While Lillie was at Preschool, I picked the boys up from their half day of school (all week they have half days). We took a stroll thought the book fair. Preston found a book he wanted right away, while it took Hansen a very long time to find the perfect book. Preston ended up sitting in a corner reading his book while Hansen had to ask if he could buy every single book that is not really a book. I am sorry, but an insect kit packaged in a book shaped box for $19.95 is not a book. Hansen finally found a couple of Peanuts books he liked, Preston found a graphic novel of Kingdom Hearts. Preston also likes the graphic novels of Naruto, but they read from right to left and that kind of hurts the brain after a while. Hansen also has some Magic Tree House books on order from the last book order, so he is doing just fine.

Today John and Carol are coming out to hang with Lillie. I think they will bring her to story time at the new Covington Library. I am sure they will be very impressed with the new library.

Tonight is Preston's first official soccer practice for his new soccer team. His team is called Synergy '96, it is a U-12 (under 12 years of age) select soccer team based out of Auburn. Eventually there will be a website for the team. Lillie has dance class.

Tomorrow I may not blog because it is scheduled to be a crazy day. Our new carpet will be installed in the morning and tonight we will be moving all of our furniture from the living room into the art/Nintendo/computer room. I will probably even have to unhook the Internet and stuff. To build on that, tomorrow is my meeting with the Principal at Grass Lake to see if we can get Lillie in next year. Then I have teacher conferences with both teachers. All the school stuff while Lillie is at Preschool. The timing is supposed to be that the carpet is installed in the morning before I have to take Lillie to Preschool as I will not be coming home after I leave with Lillie for a few hours due to conferences and such. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it all will works out.

See you the day after tomorrow.

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