Sunday, March 09, 2008

Lillie sings at Church, Preston gaming, visiting Avery and Jack.

Good Afternoon, it is Sunday.

I usually never make it to blog early on was even worse with Daylight Savings. But I am here now.

We just got back from Sunshine Mountain Day at our church, Zion Lutheran Church. All the 4 year old classes got together and sang a concert for the Church. There must have been over 50 kids from the four 4 year old classes. Lillie got to stand in the very middle of the back row, as she is about the tallest of all the 4 year old classes. Of course, most of the kids in the 4 year old class are turning 5 about now, as did Lillie the other day. I have never seen the Church so crowded, Lillie hammed it up, blowing kisses and doing all the song hand gestures perfectly. Afterwards all the kids got a doughnut and juice.

Preston was not at the concert because he spent the night at Alec's house in order to go to Alec's birthday party at Noobs (a video gaming place). Today is the release of Nintendo Wii Super Smash Bros. Brawl (I think) and they were gaming since 10:00 this morning. I am curious to see how tired Preston will be tonight after two nights in a row of sleep overs, daylight savings time change, and waking up early to get to the gaming store.

Yesterday we went up to Mel and Court's house to visit them and the baby Twins. I had been giving Court a bad time about only posting cute pics of Avery and none of Jack, but I now know how that happens. While we were there Avery was all smiles and was happy to have anyone hold her. Jack, on the other hand, was kind of tired, hungry, and cranky...but he would not eat, sleep or be too happy. I am sure Jack will figure out how to grab the spotlight from Avery some day, but for now Avery has a firm hold on it.

Later today we have Bunny pictures at Yuen Lui for the kids. We have had their pics taken with the Bunnies every year. One of these years Preston will protest being in little kid pics, but I think we will get at least this year out of him without protest.

See you tomorrow.

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