Friday, March 14, 2008

Lillie birthday pics, finding my plans, the new Covigton Library

Good Morning it is Friday.

Yesterday Lillie had her 5th birthday pictures at Yuen Lui. When we first got there Lillie just kind of went with the flow, doing what the photographer asked her to do, and he got a bunch of very good pics. After a couple of backgrounds I tried to let the photographer know that Lillie can make up her own poses and he can ask her to do so if he wanted. It worked out very nice, he let Lillie choose the backdrop for the last set, she got to choose between butterflies or flowers painted in a 60's/70's style. Lillie picked the purple flowers to match her purple dress, then got a long purple scarf and got to do fancy poses. The set was not wide enough for her fanciest poses, but she did get in some great shots. Now the biggest problem will be just selecting like 5 poses to purchase.

I was going to go to Costco while Lillie was in school yesterday to buy our flooring for upstairs. The problem was that I could not find the drawings of the rooms and the numbers I had figured out, and I was not sure how many boxes to buy. I searched everywhere for the plans. Went over the counter (where I thought I had left them) a few times, looked on the coffee table, looked everywhere. I called Maren on the phone and she said that she saw them and she would find them when she got home. I looked some more and then just changed my plans and did not to Costco. It was probably for the best as the weather and the traffic was horrible and there is a chance I would not have gotten back in time to pick up Lillie. Things like this usually work out for the best. Well, when Maren got home, she walked right up to the counter and the first piece of paper she picked up were my drawings. Yup, this happens all the time around here. No matter what I can't find, Maren can find it...and not just find it, but find it the first try. In fact, lot of times if I can't find my keys or something, if she just stops what she is doing and thinks about looking for them, then I find them. How weird is that?

After Preschool Lillie and I checked out the new Covington Library (it re-opened last week after being closed for the winter to remodel). It is very nice. I like it a lot. It is very big, looks very cool, and has everything you could ever want in a Library. Maren was telling me that there were a few design things that were iffy to some folks, but I thought all the design stuff was great. From the carpet, to the layout, to the hanging things, to the glass children's story time room, to the computer area and the free wireless access, the whole place is cool. Your just going to have to check it out yourself.

Today is Taekwondo Sparring for Hansen in the evening, Preschool for Lillie, a jump rope program in the evening at the school for all the kids, and I am teaching a lesson while Lillie is in school. Maren will use a little comp time to have lunch with her girlfriends. Should be a good day.

See you tomorrow.


Amber said...

The main thing Chuck loses is his glasses, and it's not fair because of course you can't see your glasses when you're not wearing them and they aren't where you thought they were. Lucky for him, I can scan the room and find them within a few seconds of knowing they're lost.

I think I've read the Value Village post about Lillie and the baby carseat to about 6 people. It makes me laugh everytime.

Julian's Blog said...

Thanks Amber, I loose my glasses all the time as well, I don't really need them in the house and that is the problem.