Thursday, March 06, 2008

Lillie birthday, Maren sick, out golfing

Good Morning, it is Thursday.

Lillie did have a good birthday day. In the Morning John came out and hung out with her. They did go to the park and had a great time, they also did some painting, and they played the pin the tiara on the Princess game that never got played at the party. In the early evening after the boys and me and Maren all got home, we went to Red Robin for Lillie's birthday dinner. She could not wait to let the waitress know it was her birthday. Lillie enjoyed dinner and being goofy with her brothers, but she really enjoyed all the workers bringing her ice-cream and singing her happy birthday. After dinner she had dance class where we saw the recital costumes. They are very cute, as is the dance. Then back home for presents. She got lots of cards, some with cash...Hansen now thinks Lillie is rich beyond her wildest imagination. One of her favorite things is a large talking and singing My Little Pony. She did have a good day. Lillie's new motto:" It's great to be Five!"

Maren woke up this morning feeling a ton sicker than she felt yesterday...which was not too good. She actually called in sick at work. She does not miss work often and calls in sick even less. She has so much sick leave that it is good that she use some. She is already asleep for the night. We may see her perk up around the time of American Idol.

Yesterday I golfed at Meridian Valley CC. Still my favorite course. I tried out a long putter. The long putter has worked nicely on slow greens, but the fast greens at MVCC, not so good. I will be going back to my old Ping Anser, and may never change again as yesterday was proof that I can putt very poorly with the latest thing...may as well putt poorly with my old Ping. I still played fine and had a great time in the good weather with good my favorite golf course.

See you tomorrow.

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