Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Homework, darts, Carpet

Good Morning, it is Tuesday.

Yesterday was a nice day back to school and gymnastics the first half of the day. The evening was filled with Preston doing homework. It seems that about half of his class has not been turning in homework of late, so his teacher gave them so much homework that they could not possibly forget about it. It has got to be frustrating when a HC class does not do its work.

Hansen played with his dart board for as long as possible. The garage wall is now covered with thousands of little dart holes. It is a small portion of unfinished wall, so no big deal. There are the occasional stray dart in the door and places you could not imagine.

Yesterday Lillie and I went and shopped for new carpet at Home Depot. I think we will buy a color that is a darker brown, but not too dark called Earth Dance. In the next week or two we will buy the flooring for the upstairs bedrooms, a Pergo type floor that I will install myself...or will I? Probably a light color in the kids rooms, and a darker color in our room. Our house will be very good looking in a few more months. Between the new paint, the carpet and flooring, the house really is nicer than when we moved in nearly 13 years ago.

Tonight is the school Science Fair. Preston's project was floating eggs in salt water. I think it turned out very well. Of course, he will need to set it up by himself at school...I think he will do just fine.

Hansen has Taekwondo, Lillie has preschool, I am teaching a lesson while Lillie is in school. Back to busy.

See you tomorrow.

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