Monday, March 03, 2008

first Communion, visiting the twins, dart board, electronic keyboard

Good Morning, it is Monday.

Yesterday was quite a day. We started the day with a special Sunday School class for Hansen (all second graders) about First Communion. There will be a special First Communion day for all second graders the week after Easter. In the evening we looked at Hansen's baby book and saw that he was baptized on March 5th, 2000. Three years to the day before Lillie was born.

From Sunday School to Seattle to visit Mel and Court's new babies, soon I will just be calling them the twins. They were dressed in matching blankets, a blue hat on Jack and a pink hat on Avery. Lillie wanted to hold the babies, then just move on to the other. If she had her way she could have just been able to rotate babies every few seconds. Preston enjoyed holding Jack. Hansen was very nervous about holding a baby, but he came around and did enjoy the little ones. John and Carol were there about the same time we were there. After about a half hour visit, maybe 45 minutes, but I don't think quite that long, we went to lunch with John and Carol. John and Carol went from three Grandchildren to Five in a hurry. Mel and Courtney looked very tired (as if that will ever change now that they have twins?) and hopefully they got some rest after we left.

After we were home for a while, I hung up Hansen's dart board in the garage. It is a real dart board with heavy sharp darts. He just loves it! He must have spent three hours just tossing his darts. I took Preston out to buy ink for the printer and look at Electronic Keyboards. We went to Radio Shack and looked at the one he wanted. It is very cool and $99.00. He had $105 and had allowance due in a few days. Radio Shack was out of stands and Preston did not know what he wanted to do. I suggested we take a walk across the parking lot to Goodwill and just look around for a few minutes so he could think (he had been saving for this for a very long time). While we were there we found a brand new, never even opened Keyboard Stand for less than half the price of the new ones. We took that as a sign, I gave him an advance on his allowance, bought him the stand, then went back over to Radio Shack to buy the Keyboard. So last night he was rocking out with his new Keyboard. Preston had to work on his Science Fair project, so his rocking did not last, but between the new Keyboard, the Dart Board and Lillie's new Birthday clothes and her new Hannah Montana doll (as seen hiding behind her in her exhausted princess picture below), it was a happy house.

Today is back to school, gymnastics, and Piano. I may take Lillie to look at new carpet choices for the house. I think our tax refund will buy new carpet this year.

See you tomorrow.

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