Monday, March 31, 2008

First Communion, Mom in charge this morning.

Good Morning, it is Monday.

Yesterday was Hansen's First Communion Ceremony at Church. It was very nice. Besides our 5, we had John, Carol and Stef there as well. Before Church all the kids got their picture taken as a group and after church all the First Communion kids got a certificate...and cake and cookies. It was a nice day. I never did ask Hansen if he took the juice or the wine. I am guessing the juice or I am sure he would have been bragging all about it.

Today I am golfing in a tournament (Please no snow!) and Maren took the day off to do my normal job. I went way overboard with typing up a list of instructions for her, but it was fun. To give her credit, she does not need quite so much instruction. Below is my instruction List:

Maren’s morning as Dad!

Monday March 31st, 2008
(Dad is at a Golf Tournament-Meridian Valley CC. 253-631-3131)

7:00am. Wake up Preston, let him know he should take a shower.

7:25am. Put Hansen’s clothes next to his head and let him know he should wake up. I can give him his bath on Tuesday.

7:30am. Cierra and Julia arrive. Amy (mom) will hand you $25.00 cash…it is mine, OK, you can keep some of it. The girls can watch TV, Julia enjoys Curious George. Let the girls know they can do art or dry erase board and to make themselves at home.

7:35am. Go back upstairs and wake Hansen up. Let him know the girls are down stairs and he really needs to wake up.

8:00am. Have Preston turn off all games. The TV can stay on for the girls. The boys need to eat breakfast (coffee for Hansen). Ask the boys if they want you to make them lunch, or if they want to buy lunch. If they want you to make lunch, make it now! put Hansen’s in his back pack, Preston’s next to his back pack. Both boys like Peanut Butter sandwiches (no jelly), Juice box, granola bar, and a snack pouch of craisins. You can substitute a snack bag of cheese its, if we are out of granola bars. Let the boys pack an Easter candy for their lunch.

8:25am. Wash Hansen’s face (it will be covered with coffee), get his toothbrush for him. Preston can do this stuff without prompts.

8:30am. Tell the kids, and the girls, it is time to get their shoes on, jackets on, and get ready to go to school. You may want to have Hansen’s jacket ready for him…just for your own sanity.

8:35am. Push the kids out the door, Hansen may not be ready, so have the rest leave, Hansen will then hurry and will catch the others by the time they are to the mail boxes.. If they leave later than 8:39am, they run a real risk of missing the bus…you don’t want that!

8:36am. Look at Lillie, who will be resting on the couch with the red blanket watching TV and say “Phew, we got rid of them!” She will say “Yeah, now we can snuggle!” She can watch TV for another half an hour while you get together her gymnastics stuff…and snuggle.

8:42am. Lillie will start asking for a Lollypop. Let her know that it is breakfast time and she can have toast or cereal. She likes Fruity Pebbles, she will tell you she likes other kinds, but she won’t eat them. She does like toast with butter. Waste time until next instruction. Lillie likes to play Nintendo or have you read her a book…I usually try to avoid playing Polly Pockets…that is just me.

10:30am. Let Lillie know she needs to get dressed for gymnastics…tumbling and trampoline! Hand her her purple gymnastics leo. Ask her about her hair. A low Pony is perfect. Nothing is not really ok, but you can do her hair at the gym if she is complaining. She needs to wear warm clothes (preferably sweats) over her leo. She also needs clean socks and will use them at practice. This is also time for you to pack your book or I-pod…I usually bring the news paper.

10:45am. Drive to Summit in Maple Valley. Lillie will show you the drill. She goes upstairs, puts her clothes in a cubby.

11:00am. Her class starts. You can watch or read or talk to the other moms. Anna’s mom usually likes to chat, but you can sit by yourself if you are not in the mood for chatting.

Noon. Class is over. Come home, have Lillie put regular clothes on. Have Lunch. You now have free time!

2:45pm. I should get home now. I will pack up Preston’s track stuff and go pick up Preston, Alec, David, Andrew, and Hansen up [from school] and take them to the track meet.

Good Job and Thanks. Hopefully I golfed well and won $67.50!

See you tomorrow.

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Amber said...

Wow, what a routine! I think it's hillarious that you left instructions that detailed for their mother, but I can also see that you've worked that schedule out to the minute and she should be happy to have the insight. I'm glad you blogged it - I enjoyed that quite a bit. I would snuggle with Lillie.

I've been reading the book Babywise, and I'm excited that it has a flexible routine that I feel comfortable and confident in following for feedings, waketimes and sleeptimes. Establishing a schedule is important.