Sunday, March 30, 2008

Finished Lillie's new floor.

Good afternoon, it is Sunday.

Yesterday I finished installing a new floor in Lillie's room. It took a long time, and there were plenty of hurdles. John let me use his table saw. After just an hour and being only 1/8th of the room, the table saw died...yup, I killed John's table saw. Not only did I loose the table saw, but I kept sawing the wrong end of boards off and stuff. So, it was off to Home Depot to buy an new table saw. After a while, I caught up with the whole learning curve thing, and by 7:30 at night I finally hit my stride. The whole room was done at 10:00pm. I was telling John about a short video I saw on installing this type of wood flooring where an 80 year old Asian woman, who was like 80 lbs and 4 feet tall, would just put the board in place, then tap tap tap, slide, slide slide, and poof, the room was done. Let me just tell you...tap, tap, tap, slide, slide, slide did not do it for me. I was more like pound, pound, pound, curse, curse, curse, and start over was how it was for me. The new floor is a snap together laminate and the color is like a light Maple. It looks very nice and complements the new carpet very well. John and Carol brought us dinner and John helped as well. He did not seem too mad about me killing his table saw, I told him that he could have the new one when I am done, but I think the new table saw will be mine to keep, besides, I figure John will be able to get his running again with a little tinkering. The boy's room is next. Maren's car is living outside for the time being as the garage is been taken over. Speaking of the garage being taken over, at around 9:30 when I was making the last cuts, I had closed the garage as it was so late. Maren was wondering what the beeping sound was from the garage. I said I didn't hear anything, ear plugs are great (I just say "yes dear" and move on!). But the next time I was in there I set off the smoke alarm...that was the beeping sound. Up went the garage door and once I aired out the garage, I put the alarm back together and will not use the table saw with the garage door shut again.

When the room was all done, Lillie got to help us decide where her furniture would go. She is Little Miss Efficient. She wanted her bookcase right next to her bed so she did not have go get all the was out of bed to reach her favorite books. And she wanted her mirror right next to her closet so she could change outfits and look at them without going across her room. Her bed is only one foot off the ground, but she wants a soft rug just in case she falls out of bed...she has never fallen out of her bed, but as we know, Luck favors the prepared.

See you tomorrow, most likely late as I have a golf tournament in the morning.

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