Monday, March 10, 2008

Bunny pictures, Dentist today.

Good Morning, it is Monday.

Yesterday was the first long day of the year...sunshine wise. It did not get dark until after 7:00pm. I actually did some yard work and got a little Lime on the grass before the rain (which it is doing right now). Nearly all the neighborhood kids went for a walk/bike ride up to the school last night. The neighbors took all of them, (I counted eleven kids) I rode my bike up to the school 20 minutes after they left to hang out. Everyone had a good time. Waking up for school this morning may be a challenge.

Yesterday we had Bunny pictures at Yuen Lui. We had a very good photographer. She seemed to know our kids perfectly. After the very first time she lined the kids up, Hansen was his usual just out of place, and she said "looks like we have a rouge brother!" She had other sayings as well that got our kids going perfectly. When it was Lillie's turn for individual pics, Lillie did this little pose thing on her way to the bunny and the photographer said "wow, she is good, just like a real model!" Lillie liked that just fine. Anyhow, a good photographer makes all the difference. If the pics were not so good, we would have just bought the $39.00 package, but there were good pics of each kid, and a good one of all of them and we ended up with the $130.00 package.

Today is Maren's first day with her new boss. I am sure she will be dotting all the i's and crossing all the t's today.

Today is also dentist day for me and the kids. Maren hates the dentist and always cancels her appointments at least once, so she is not invited to go to the dentist with the rest of us. The Dentist office has just enough chairs that we book the whole place for an hour every six months. Then all four of us get our teeth cleaned at the same time. It has worked out just fine like this for the last couple of years. So far no cavities for any of the kids and I have not had any problem for years, I hope this trend keeps on rolling.

See you tomorrow.

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