Monday, March 31, 2008

First Communion, Mom in charge this morning.

Good Morning, it is Monday.

Yesterday was Hansen's First Communion Ceremony at Church. It was very nice. Besides our 5, we had John, Carol and Stef there as well. Before Church all the kids got their picture taken as a group and after church all the First Communion kids got a certificate...and cake and cookies. It was a nice day. I never did ask Hansen if he took the juice or the wine. I am guessing the juice or I am sure he would have been bragging all about it.

Today I am golfing in a tournament (Please no snow!) and Maren took the day off to do my normal job. I went way overboard with typing up a list of instructions for her, but it was fun. To give her credit, she does not need quite so much instruction. Below is my instruction List:

Maren’s morning as Dad!

Monday March 31st, 2008
(Dad is at a Golf Tournament-Meridian Valley CC. 253-631-3131)

7:00am. Wake up Preston, let him know he should take a shower.

7:25am. Put Hansen’s clothes next to his head and let him know he should wake up. I can give him his bath on Tuesday.

7:30am. Cierra and Julia arrive. Amy (mom) will hand you $25.00 cash…it is mine, OK, you can keep some of it. The girls can watch TV, Julia enjoys Curious George. Let the girls know they can do art or dry erase board and to make themselves at home.

7:35am. Go back upstairs and wake Hansen up. Let him know the girls are down stairs and he really needs to wake up.

8:00am. Have Preston turn off all games. The TV can stay on for the girls. The boys need to eat breakfast (coffee for Hansen). Ask the boys if they want you to make them lunch, or if they want to buy lunch. If they want you to make lunch, make it now! put Hansen’s in his back pack, Preston’s next to his back pack. Both boys like Peanut Butter sandwiches (no jelly), Juice box, granola bar, and a snack pouch of craisins. You can substitute a snack bag of cheese its, if we are out of granola bars. Let the boys pack an Easter candy for their lunch.

8:25am. Wash Hansen’s face (it will be covered with coffee), get his toothbrush for him. Preston can do this stuff without prompts.

8:30am. Tell the kids, and the girls, it is time to get their shoes on, jackets on, and get ready to go to school. You may want to have Hansen’s jacket ready for him…just for your own sanity.

8:35am. Push the kids out the door, Hansen may not be ready, so have the rest leave, Hansen will then hurry and will catch the others by the time they are to the mail boxes.. If they leave later than 8:39am, they run a real risk of missing the bus…you don’t want that!

8:36am. Look at Lillie, who will be resting on the couch with the red blanket watching TV and say “Phew, we got rid of them!” She will say “Yeah, now we can snuggle!” She can watch TV for another half an hour while you get together her gymnastics stuff…and snuggle.

8:42am. Lillie will start asking for a Lollypop. Let her know that it is breakfast time and she can have toast or cereal. She likes Fruity Pebbles, she will tell you she likes other kinds, but she won’t eat them. She does like toast with butter. Waste time until next instruction. Lillie likes to play Nintendo or have you read her a book…I usually try to avoid playing Polly Pockets…that is just me.

10:30am. Let Lillie know she needs to get dressed for gymnastics…tumbling and trampoline! Hand her her purple gymnastics leo. Ask her about her hair. A low Pony is perfect. Nothing is not really ok, but you can do her hair at the gym if she is complaining. She needs to wear warm clothes (preferably sweats) over her leo. She also needs clean socks and will use them at practice. This is also time for you to pack your book or I-pod…I usually bring the news paper.

10:45am. Drive to Summit in Maple Valley. Lillie will show you the drill. She goes upstairs, puts her clothes in a cubby.

11:00am. Her class starts. You can watch or read or talk to the other moms. Anna’s mom usually likes to chat, but you can sit by yourself if you are not in the mood for chatting.

Noon. Class is over. Come home, have Lillie put regular clothes on. Have Lunch. You now have free time!

2:45pm. I should get home now. I will pack up Preston’s track stuff and go pick up Preston, Alec, David, Andrew, and Hansen up [from school] and take them to the track meet.

Good Job and Thanks. Hopefully I golfed well and won $67.50!

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Finished Lillie's new floor.

Good afternoon, it is Sunday.

Yesterday I finished installing a new floor in Lillie's room. It took a long time, and there were plenty of hurdles. John let me use his table saw. After just an hour and being only 1/8th of the room, the table saw died...yup, I killed John's table saw. Not only did I loose the table saw, but I kept sawing the wrong end of boards off and stuff. So, it was off to Home Depot to buy an new table saw. After a while, I caught up with the whole learning curve thing, and by 7:30 at night I finally hit my stride. The whole room was done at 10:00pm. I was telling John about a short video I saw on installing this type of wood flooring where an 80 year old Asian woman, who was like 80 lbs and 4 feet tall, would just put the board in place, then tap tap tap, slide, slide slide, and poof, the room was done. Let me just tell you...tap, tap, tap, slide, slide, slide did not do it for me. I was more like pound, pound, pound, curse, curse, curse, and start over was how it was for me. The new floor is a snap together laminate and the color is like a light Maple. It looks very nice and complements the new carpet very well. John and Carol brought us dinner and John helped as well. He did not seem too mad about me killing his table saw, I told him that he could have the new one when I am done, but I think the new table saw will be mine to keep, besides, I figure John will be able to get his running again with a little tinkering. The boy's room is next. Maren's car is living outside for the time being as the garage is been taken over. Speaking of the garage being taken over, at around 9:30 when I was making the last cuts, I had closed the garage as it was so late. Maren was wondering what the beeping sound was from the garage. I said I didn't hear anything, ear plugs are great (I just say "yes dear" and move on!). But the next time I was in there I set off the smoke alarm...that was the beeping sound. Up went the garage door and once I aired out the garage, I put the alarm back together and will not use the table saw with the garage door shut again.

When the room was all done, Lillie got to help us decide where her furniture would go. She is Little Miss Efficient. She wanted her bookcase right next to her bed so she did not have go get all the was out of bed to reach her favorite books. And she wanted her mirror right next to her closet so she could change outfits and look at them without going across her room. Her bed is only one foot off the ground, but she wants a soft rug just in case she falls out of bed...she has never fallen out of her bed, but as we know, Luck favors the prepared.

See you tomorrow, most likely late as I have a golf tournament in the morning.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Shopping, working on Lillie's room.

Good Morning, it is Saturday.

Yesterday was the first Friday with no after school activities. So what do we do? Go Shopping! We were totally out of milk, and the kids each had $10.00 burning holes in their pockets. First stop, GameStop. Preston's PS2 had been acting strange for the last month, so we decided to bring it in. He had bought it new/refurbished back around his birthday. Luckily we had purchased a 1 year warranty and saved all the paperwork. They gave him a new refurbished system and now he is back in business. We have Mario Cart for the Wii on reserve, it will be out at the end of April. From there it was off to Walmart. Hansen found a very cool Nerf gun target system on clearance, we bought a second one for Preston's friend David who has his birthday party tonight. And Lillie found a cute Princess Bratz doll...forever diamonds! I bought oil and oil filters for both Mine and Maren's car as the oil needs to be changed in a couple of weeks. Maren found treasures in the half price Easter stuff. From there it was off to Fred Meyers for Milk. Me and the littles waited in the car, Maren and Preston picked up the milk and checked out the Easter stuff.

Last night I officially started on the new floors. During the day I cleaned out Lillie's room except for the bed and the dresser. Last night I took out half the carpet. Sounds easier than it really is, there is the pad, staples and all the tack boards that hold the carpet in place. Not to mention the dirt and dust. Lillie slept in her bed no problem, half the room looks fine, the other half with no flooring. Today I will put the new floor up to where the carpet it, then move the bed and dresser over to the new flooring, then rip out all the rest of the carpet and stuff and with any luck, I may be able to finish Lillie's room today.

Today Hansen has a Taekwondo class at noon, Preston has David's birthday party this evening, and Lillie has no responsibilities. Maren is off work and I will just work on the room around the boy's schedules.

I may stop in at a Chiropractor office near Hansen's Taekwondo class because my neck has been bothering me. I got a kink in it about 2 weeks ago that just will not go away, and I can hear some crackling when moving my neck around. I am iffy about going to the chiropractor because my back is feeling perfect. I went to a Chiropractor about 8 years ago and he would fix my neck perfectly, but he kept wanting to adjust my back and that would just mess it up for a few days. We will see if I have the guts to go into the office or not. My neck has kind of bothered me on and off ever since I got rear ended in a car crash ten years ago.

See you tomorrow.

Friday, March 28, 2008

No Snow, Lillie gets comb stuck in her hair, good confrence.

Good Morning, it is Friday.

No Snow! In contrast to yesterday where I was surprised by the snow, now I am surprised that there is no snow! The weather folk sure missed the ball yesterday. I even let the kids stay up late last night because I thought there would be snow. The forecasters said like 3-7 inches. This morning there is none, and the forecasters have moved the snow area to Hood Canal.

Yesterday after Lillie's bath, she decided she did not want any help with brushing her hair. This is not really any surprise that Lillie would not want any help, but who knew she would forgo her usual pink brush and try to comb her hair with a comb. Her hair is far too curly and thick for a comb. Well, when it [comb] got stuck in her hair, she decided to roll it up and twist is all around. She must have gotten a little nervous about the comb stuck forever because she then sneaked over to the art supply table, got out her scissors, and tried to cut her hair so the brush would come out. When that did not work (other than a few curls), she finally asked for help. I ended up getting a pair of pliers and breaking the comb into 10 or 15 pieces so we could get it out of her hair. She had pulled and twisted the comb so much that she still lost a hand full of her hair. The amazing thing is that she has such thick and curly hair that you really can't even tell that it is not perfectly normal. I don't think she will make that mistake again, she was a little freaked out by the whole breaking the comb out of her hair.

Lillie's parent teacher conference went just fine. It is fun to see the same comments come around for Lillie as we have always had for Preston and Hansen. She does her work very well, but sometimes too fast. She loves to play with others, but enjoys playing by herself as well. She is doing very well.

Time to get the kids ready for school, see you tomorrow.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Snow, School delay, going back to sleep.

Good Morning, it is Thursday.

Snow! Snow! Snow! What the heck is going on around here? It snowed very hard from 6:00pm through about 11:00pm. Last night there was probably 3 inches at our house. This morning there is still a couple inches on the grass. The kid's school is in a 2 hour delay. Hwy 18, not far from our house is closed due to ice and a fatal car accident. I think Jack Frost forgot that he was supposed to not mess with us in late March. It is spring time, it is after Easter, and it looks like mid January outside.

Preston was feeling sick after school yesterday so he did not go to soccer practice. I am sure the rest of the team got snowed on. Lillie's dance class was from 6:00-7:00. Dance Arts is probably at 700 ft. elevation where our house is about 500 ft. The snow started to fall right when we got to class. By the time class was over, there was already a couple of inches of snow over everything, including the roads. One little girl in Lillie's class hurt her toe. She was crying with her asst teacher. I gave the zip lock bag that I usually keep Lillie's dance shoes in to couple of other girls (probably 9 year olds who were waiting for their class) to go collect snow for the hurt toe. It took about 3 seconds for them to fill a sandwich bag with snow for a makeshift ice bag. After we got home from dance class, Lillie put on warm clothes and played in the snow for awhile.

I did go golfing yesterday. I played at 11:00 at Washington National. One of my favorite golf courses. It is the home of the UW Huskies and everything is Purple and Gold. It is a great golf course, unfortunately it gets very soggy in the wet weather and it was very soggy yesterday. The weather was fine for golfing, a little cold, but no rain or snow. I played just fine, shot a 76. John and Carol came out an hung with Lillie. They went to lunch, planted plants in the yard, and made us a nice dinner. How good is that. I wish every day was Wednesday.

Today I have teacher conference with Lillie's teachers. Lillie has preschool. Hansen would normally have Taekwondo but we are skipping it because his First Communion class is hosting a large Sader Dinner at the church tonight. Hansen actually has a small speaking role. He will have to stand up in front of a very large crowd and ask his question.

It is starting to snow again as I type. The schools are delayed. Maren went back to bed for a couple of hours as she will go to work late as well. I am going back to sleep for 21 minutes until Lillie wakes up and has to go play in the snow.

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Rain, scratching pad.

Good Morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday during Hansen's Taekwondo class I decided to walk over to Fred Meyer to buy some Milk, Bananas, Sandwich bags (Maren just now pointed out that I bought snack bags that don't quite hold a sandwich...nice!) and a cardboard scratching pad for the cats. The walk is only about 500 yards or so from the door of the Taekwondo class to the door of Fred Meyer, so I usually walk over there. Half the walk is along store fronts, the other half is through the parking lot. The weather was fine so I walked on over. Found all my groceries, then went to walk back...well, in that 15 minutes I was in the store the sky opened up and it was flat pouring rain, you could see the parking lot totally covered in water and the waves of the sheets of rain were visible. I went back into the store, got a super big bag for the fancy Cat scratching wedge thing and got totally soaked as I ran back to the covered store fronts across the Fred Meyer Parking Lot.

As far as the scratching pad wedge thing goes. Spif did not leave that thing for like 3 hours. I think maybe we put too much cat nip on it or something because Spif is an addict. The other cats would just watch from across the room and wonder about that old goat. When Spif finally did leave the scratching pad, the other cats checked it out, and were not nearly as impressed. Go figure.

Today is a cold rainy day. The temp should not rise above 45 degrees. The rain should come down all day, probably in the form of Hail at times, and there are supposed to be rouge thunder showers. A great golf day! Preston will have soccer practice tonight. This will be his second soccer practice, and the second time he will have miserable weather for practice. His team holds practice on Mondays as well, but for the next 5 weeks Preston has track meets on Mondays so he is missing soccer. The weather last Monday was great and next Monday should be nice as well. The kid is going to learn to not like soccer just because of the weather...oh, probably not, or else I would not like golf anymore either.

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Preston Track, Lillie's play date.

Good Morning, it is Tuesday.

Yesterday ended up being a nice day. The weather was nice for nearly the entire day. Preston's track meet was not rained on a bit. There were probably 600 kids at the track meet. Grades 4-6, girls and boys. Preston got 2nd place in the long jump for 5th grade boys! His name was announced over the loud speaker and everything. His jump length was 12 feet 5 inches. Way to go Preston!

The Lillian's had a great time on their play date. It is obvious that they are getting older, a year ago they could play for about an hour, then they would have to split for awhile, yesterday they made it a whole two hours and did not want to part when it was time to go. Lily is about 6 months older than our Lillie, they are exactly the same size. It is also clear that both Lillian's have two older brothers. The first game they played together was one would jump off the couch while the other would whack the other with a towel in mid flight. Do you think two 5 year old girls without older brothers would think that was the funniest game on the planet? No. They did end up playing Polly Pockets and feeding the horses under the fence and stuff, but whacking each other mid flight and thinking it is funny, is something you can only learn from big brothers.

Yesterday was Lillie's friend Allison's 5th birthday. Allison is like 10 inches shorter than Lillie and at least 15 lbs lighter. These two kids who are only 3 weeks apart in age look like they are two years apart. It is amazing how fast Lillie is growing. I almost want her to skip Kindergarten just so she can be with kids her own size.

Today Preston has Math Club, Hansen has Taekwondo, Lillie has preschool, and I am teaching a lesson while Lillie is at school. Maren is just working as usual.

See you Tomorrow.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Nice Easter, busy day.

Good Morning, it is Monday.

We had a very nice Easter, hope you did as well.

John, Carol and Stef joined us for Church. It was very crowded, but our church handles it well. It was a very nice service. Stef was lucky enough to have Hansen and Lillie glued to her sides for much of the service. From there it was off to Craig and Anne's house for a fun time. There were 10 kids having a fun time. We had Ham, meat balls, chips, everything. We flipped between golf and basketball. The kids got to do a quick egg hunt before it was time to leave around 5:00pm. Then it was home to hang out and get ready for today.

Today is a busy day. Lillie has gymnastics, then a play date with Lily, the Lillians have not been together for awhile, and I think they are both looking forward to fun. Preston has a track meet after school. Hansen has a piano lesson. Today I will register Lillie for kindergarten at the local school, then go to the main offices to fill out a parent request transfer so Lillie can go to the same school as her brothers. Hmm, that did not seem so busy to write it down, but trust me, with the carpooling to get Preston to Track, along with picking up Hansen and getting him to piano, and who knows what hoops with Lillie's paper work. Oh, and today is class picture day for the boys at school.

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter, purchased the wood.

Good Morning, it is Sunday.

Happy Easter! The Easter Bunny came, the kids are already hopped up on sugar. We will be going to church, then over to Maren's cousin's house for a huge gathering.

Yesterday I took the seats out of the van and headed out to Costco to buy flooring for the bedrooms. 31 boxes of laminate wood flooring. I had no fewer than 17 people say to me "wow, you have a big job!" My only reply was "Yup, glad it does not need to be done today!" The van was bottomed out the whole drive home. That is a ton of wood. About 600 sq feet. I will begin the projects next week. Our new carpet was thanks to our tax refund, our new wood floor will be thanks to Bush's economic check. I am thankful for the $$$, but maybe no national debt, a strong economy, the end of the war, and a positive world for the kids to grow up in would have been a better gift from our President?

Preston had his friend Alec over most of the day yesterday, the weather was nice and there was plenty of outside play. Today is totally raining.

Have a great Easter Sunday. See you tomorrow.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Talent show, Taekwondo tournament.

Good morning, it is Saturday.

Lillie and I woke up at 8:30, the rest of the gang came down around 9:30. It is nice to get to sleep in.

Yesterday was busy and fun. Preston had his talent show. He did a great job. He and his friend were the only singers to not just sing over the lyrics of the singer. There CD was a karaoke version so they actually had to sing good. And they did! A brave couple of kid to go on stage in front of nearly 500 people and sing and dance Soul Man. Nice job Preston and Josiah. I did video tape the performance. Just another thing I need to get on my blog.

After the talent show John, Carol, Stef and Corey came over to check out the new carpet and Stef had a birthday gift for Lillie. Then it was off to school for Lillie and then over to pick up Hansen and Preston after early release. Hansen got to hang out with his friend Annissa after school for an hour while Preston had Track practice. Then it was drop off a couple of Preston's friends after track practice, then pick up Lillie from school. We stopped by the Covington Library (which I still think is very cool) and ran into the Rudolphs. Lillie got to play with Lily. That was fun.

In the evening Hansen had his final Sparring Tournament (Sparring start again in a month, so no real break) and did a great job. There was sitting on the ground only room and the tournament went over two hours. Hansen won in his first round, got to compete in the winners round, then got steamrolled. He got 2nd in his division, which was great as he competes in a division that is two divisions up from his age group. If he was in his own age division, he would have just dominated. Hansen got a nice trophy. I video taped his performance as well, but i had to wrestle with Lillie a bit in the process. Maren ended up watching much of the performances from outside the building along with a few other parents who were doing other things (Maren went shopping at the local Safeway) and could not squeeze into the building.

Today I may brave Costco and buy wood flooring for the upstairs bed rooms.

See you tomorrow.

Friday, March 21, 2008

New Carpet, good conferences, H's wrist.

Good Morning, it is Friday.

We have new Carpet in the house!!! Looks very good. Actually, the furniture is the same, the house is the same, but the floor is very different. Hansen and Lillie really enjoyed having the furniture a mess, the couches were next to each other and there was lots of flying/rolling little kids. The upstairs is still a bit of a mess, but there is no huge hurry there. I will be doing Pergo style floors in the bedroom over the next month. Cierra came over this morning (her and her sister come over 3 times per week before school for an hour) and was just amazed that we could have the exact same stuff on the coffee table and if the whole place should look different with new carpet. I told her that we just picked up the coffee table and moved it, stuff and all! Wow.

I had good conferences with the boy's teachers. They are both doing so well in school, I am always amazed. Good for you Preston and Hansen.

Last night Hansen came down at bed time to tell us that his wrist was feeling sprained. He had not been golfing, or sparring or anything so he could not figure why it may be sprained. Maren asked if it was from punching his sister (which he had gotten in trouble for). Hansen said in all sincerity, "No, I use my good hand to punch her!" Good answer Hansen.

Today is Grass Lake's Talent show. Preston will have a good cheering section.

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Lillie's check up, book fair, no blog tomorrow?

Good Morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday Lillie had her 5 year old check up with Dr. Wiseman. Lillie is doing great. She was 98% in height, 93% in weight, she knew all her numbers, wrote her name perfectly using a mixture of uppercase and lowercase letters, and passed all her mini tests. Lillie was a trooper, she had 4 shots, and a finger prick to draw blood. Only the last shot hurt. Going pee in a cup...well, that was not happening. We tried the whole drink more water thing, but that did not work. We were sent home with a special cup that she can fill when convenient, then be whisked to the Dr. office.

While Lillie was at Preschool, I picked the boys up from their half day of school (all week they have half days). We took a stroll thought the book fair. Preston found a book he wanted right away, while it took Hansen a very long time to find the perfect book. Preston ended up sitting in a corner reading his book while Hansen had to ask if he could buy every single book that is not really a book. I am sorry, but an insect kit packaged in a book shaped box for $19.95 is not a book. Hansen finally found a couple of Peanuts books he liked, Preston found a graphic novel of Kingdom Hearts. Preston also likes the graphic novels of Naruto, but they read from right to left and that kind of hurts the brain after a while. Hansen also has some Magic Tree House books on order from the last book order, so he is doing just fine.

Today John and Carol are coming out to hang with Lillie. I think they will bring her to story time at the new Covington Library. I am sure they will be very impressed with the new library.

Tonight is Preston's first official soccer practice for his new soccer team. His team is called Synergy '96, it is a U-12 (under 12 years of age) select soccer team based out of Auburn. Eventually there will be a website for the team. Lillie has dance class.

Tomorrow I may not blog because it is scheduled to be a crazy day. Our new carpet will be installed in the morning and tonight we will be moving all of our furniture from the living room into the art/Nintendo/computer room. I will probably even have to unhook the Internet and stuff. To build on that, tomorrow is my meeting with the Principal at Grass Lake to see if we can get Lillie in next year. Then I have teacher conferences with both teachers. All the school stuff while Lillie is at Preschool. The timing is supposed to be that the carpet is installed in the morning before I have to take Lillie to Preschool as I will not be coming home after I leave with Lillie for a few hours due to conferences and such. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it all will works out.

See you the day after tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Dishwasher repair, Hansen's haircut.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Yesterday I finally decided to call the Sears repair center again about the Dishwasher. A few months ago I had them do some work on the machine and got quite a tongue lashing from the tech about not cleaning the dishes well enough. The same thing has been happening of late and it was time to repeat the process. I made an appointment for a week and a half and just hoped for the best. About an hour later I get a call from Sears that a tech is in the area and could be over within the hour. Very good! He got here and sure enough, the filter was clogged, but he thought the chopper was not working. He did some repairs and tried out the dishwasher, he then decided that the motor/pump Assembly needed to be replaced. The parts were on the truck, and a half an hour later our dishwasher is as good as new. How cool is that! Good thing I bought the service contract prior to last visit. We certainly got our money's worth this time. If you had been following the wacky dealings with the refrigerator (which is working just fine-finally) this was totally different. Very good job this time, Sears.

Lillie enjoyed her new Tumbling and Trampolining class. She was pushed a ton more than in the last class. She really enjoyed the new class and I think it will stick.

Hansen got a much needed haircut last night. He looks so good today. I brought him to a little nicer place than usual and they washed his hair...he thought that was just the coolest. Lillie came with me and Hansen and just floated around Hansen and the lady cutting Hansen's hair. She was asking questions and doing her best to not be too much in the way. Lillie left totally sad that she did not get to get her hair washed and cut. Someday, her hair is perfect right now. Hansen's haircut really did turn out nice, did not hardly realize just how long his hair was.

Another crazy busy day around here. Early release at the boys school. Lillie has her 5 year check up, then has preschool. The timing for the boy's early release and preschool just works. Preston has math club this morning. Hansen has Taekwondo this afternoon.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Palm Parade, First Communion class, egg hunt.

Good Morning, it is Monday.

Yesterday was Palm Sunday. Hansen and Lillie decided to be in the Palm Parade at Church. There were probably 20 kids in the parade that went up and down and around the church while waving Palm branches. Looked very fun. Towards the end of the kid parade, Hansen was going to just duck into our seats and call it good, but all the other kids tried to follow him, so he had to finish the isle he was on just so the rest of the kids would finish the parade as well.

In Hansen's First Communion class (there were three special classes, with First Communion in two weeks) the kids had to draw pictures of what they are thankful for. Hansen drew Legos, his family, and the world. The kids have to stand in front of the class (about 30 people) and tell of their homework. When he was showing the class his picture of his family, his teacher said "Oh, I like how you made your dad with no hair...well, maybe you could put some on the sides." Earlier Hansen was telling me how he had goofed up and made me too skinny in his picture, I was half expecting Hansen to tell the class that I was also fatter than in the picture. What gives! Besides the showing of the pictures, the class made loafs of bread to use for their first Communion. That was something, little tables with like 5 kids per table trying to measure and stir and knead, and making the biggest messes. Glad that bread will be used for the kids. Hansen really hopes that the grape juice will be gone so he can have real wine.

After church was the Easter Egg Hunt. There was a lunch following church and then the egg hunt. There were so many kids, amazing. The preschool - 1st grade went just right, Lillie got a bunch of eggs along with the other kids. The older classes had a little less control and a few kids got out early and got all the eggs, the rest of the kids were lucky to just get a couple of eggs. The one egg with a prize in it that Hansen got was because Maren showed it to him. The rest of the morning he was saying how he could not believe that his one good egg was pointed out to him by his MOM! As if she should not be able to find an Easter egg. Preston did not get very many either, but we did have some good consolation prizes for the kids at home.

The kids played darts for quite a while yesterday. The wall really tells the whole story on how good the kids are at darts (or how much they goof off with darts). Hansen actually lost a dart in the garage. Now I can totally understand loosing ping pong balls, but loosing a dart?!? The story is that it was thrown at the dart board, hit the edge, and ricochet into the stock pile of food...and is now just gone. Hmm.

For you golf fans, How amazing is Tiger Woods? The way he made that last putt to win at Bay Hill yesterday was totally amazing. I was reading an article about athletes and endorsements. Tiger Woods makes twice as much in endorsements that any other athlete in the world. That is 50 million dollars more than any other athlete in endorsements alone per year. Amazing.

This week the kids are out of school early for parent teacher conferences. We will have a very busy week.

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Shamrock Shake

Good afternoon, it is Sunday.

Yesterday Preston was invited to spend the day at his friend Josh's house. I took him there at 1:00 pm and he got home around 8:00pm. The actually invited him to go to Applebees with their family for dinner. Sounds like they had a great day goofing off with Soccer, youtube, x-box, you name it. They found some song on youtube where there are no words, just kind of whiny rap sounds and they thought it was the funniest thing ever. Preston has been going around singing "arrarrarrrrraayaaaayyaaaaa".

Maren got her annual Large Shamrock Shake from McDonald's yesterday. Every year about this time she is needing a Shamrock shake. Hansen and Lillie got to have Happy Meals. Hansen now thinks the hot apple pies are the best thing since sliced bread. He actually enjoys sliced bread, so it is more than just a saying for him. I used to love hot apple pies, until my 3-month stint at McDonald's in high school, and I saw how we made them and stuff. That was over 20 years ago, I doubt they are any different, but I kind of like them again. I really like McDonald's Hot Fudge Sundays. I have not had a Big Mac in years.

Last night we watched Mr. Mom. That movie is 25 years old. I could not believe the smoking and drinking in that movie. It was not really that bad, but today's movies are so filtered from that stuff these days that you just don't see it. It is always a fun movie. I guess I need to start a weekly poker game with coupons while the kids are in school.

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

M at work, report cards, Family fun night, H lost a tooth.

Good Morning, it is Saturday.

Maren is already off to work. She is teaching a class in the morning, then listening to an Author speak in the afternoon with friends. Me and the kids are on our own.

The boys got their report card yesterday. Amazingly both kids did even better than the first trimester. Preston got straight Fours across the entire report card, and Hansen got threes and fours. They could not have done better. Preston's teacher did a much better job on the report cards this trimester as there were actually comments about Preston and his work. Hansen's teacher had great things to say about him as usual. Next week are conferences. Also I am meeting with the Principal to see about having Lillie go to Grass Lake for Kindergarten (it is not our home school, the boys started to go there three years ago due to Preston being invited into the HC program), it would be great to have all three kids there for one year.

Last night Grass Lake had a Free Family Fun Night. I took all three kids, it was a ton of fun. The world jump rope skipping champion, Rene Ribaud put on a show. She was an amazing jump roper. She has toured with Cirque Du Soleil and will be with them in NY this fall. Preston was excited because he got to be her DJ, operating her i-pod when signaled to do so. Lillie and Hansen had a great time. Lillie had like three friends from dance class and stuff and they were all calling her over which was neat because she does not even go to that school yet. Next year Kindergarten. After the performance, it was jump roping for all. Rene set up a double dutch jumping area and kids got to stand in line to double dutch. Lillie did just fine. Me and Lillie even went in together. That was cool. What would happen is that we stood between two jump ropes, then we would jump on timing and Rene would swing the ropes...and then you were just double dutch jumping. Preston was off with his friends trying to do push up jump roping.

As we were trying to get ready to the jump rope show, Hansen pulled out a Tooth! We did not even know it was loose. He just came out of the bathroom with blood all over his hand saying his tooth just came out. I did not remember him getting kicked in the face at Taekwondo Sparring class (we had just got home from that class), but it could have happened, it has happened before. He just said it had been loose, and he pulled it out. If the Tooth Fairy brings him a dollar (which I can say for certain, she did), and he gets paid from his Mom for the 100% on his spelling test yesterday, he will have two dollars. That means until I take him to the dollar store, I will hear non-stop about his abundance of wealth. And of course we would need to stop by Starbucks as he still has a little $$$ on his gift card. The kid loves Starbucks. I have him go with his mom as I am not a big coffee fan.

See you tomorrow.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Lillie birthday pics, finding my plans, the new Covigton Library

Good Morning it is Friday.

Yesterday Lillie had her 5th birthday pictures at Yuen Lui. When we first got there Lillie just kind of went with the flow, doing what the photographer asked her to do, and he got a bunch of very good pics. After a couple of backgrounds I tried to let the photographer know that Lillie can make up her own poses and he can ask her to do so if he wanted. It worked out very nice, he let Lillie choose the backdrop for the last set, she got to choose between butterflies or flowers painted in a 60's/70's style. Lillie picked the purple flowers to match her purple dress, then got a long purple scarf and got to do fancy poses. The set was not wide enough for her fanciest poses, but she did get in some great shots. Now the biggest problem will be just selecting like 5 poses to purchase.

I was going to go to Costco while Lillie was in school yesterday to buy our flooring for upstairs. The problem was that I could not find the drawings of the rooms and the numbers I had figured out, and I was not sure how many boxes to buy. I searched everywhere for the plans. Went over the counter (where I thought I had left them) a few times, looked on the coffee table, looked everywhere. I called Maren on the phone and she said that she saw them and she would find them when she got home. I looked some more and then just changed my plans and did not to Costco. It was probably for the best as the weather and the traffic was horrible and there is a chance I would not have gotten back in time to pick up Lillie. Things like this usually work out for the best. Well, when Maren got home, she walked right up to the counter and the first piece of paper she picked up were my drawings. Yup, this happens all the time around here. No matter what I can't find, Maren can find it...and not just find it, but find it the first try. In fact, lot of times if I can't find my keys or something, if she just stops what she is doing and thinks about looking for them, then I find them. How weird is that?

After Preschool Lillie and I checked out the new Covington Library (it re-opened last week after being closed for the winter to remodel). It is very nice. I like it a lot. It is very big, looks very cool, and has everything you could ever want in a Library. Maren was telling me that there were a few design things that were iffy to some folks, but I thought all the design stuff was great. From the carpet, to the layout, to the hanging things, to the glass children's story time room, to the computer area and the free wireless access, the whole place is cool. Your just going to have to check it out yourself.

Today is Taekwondo Sparring for Hansen in the evening, Preschool for Lillie, a jump rope program in the evening at the school for all the kids, and I am teaching a lesson while Lillie is in school. Maren will use a little comp time to have lunch with her girlfriends. Should be a good day.

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Talent show news, golfed, showed off baby (doll)

Good Morning, it is Thursday.

Preston got the news at school yesterday that he and his buddy made it into the Talent show. The Talent show will be next Friday the 21st at 9:40am. Should be fun.

Yesterday the weather was very nice, maybe a little on the cold side, but good for golfing. I golfed well overall. Had a bunch of birdies and a bunch of not birdies. My dad gave me a putting lesson via e-mail. It must have helped, because I have not made so many good putts in a long time. I think Lillie had a good time with Nans and Gramps. They went to Burger King for lunch. I think Lillie put on singing and dancing shows for them.

Lillie had dance class in the evening. At first she did not want to go. As it turns out, she did not want to go while it was still light outside. Daylight savings time is messing with her. This is the first time we have gone to dance class for a long time in the daylight. Her show and tell was one of her baby dolls. At the dance studio there is a room where the kids get ready and put their shoes and stuff, then a room to wait in for the parents with couches and a fireplace. We were running just a couple of minutes behind (thanks to the daylight thing) so when I went in to sit with the moms, I was one of the last. I was carrying Lillie's baby doll and all the moms were like, "Oh, what a cute little baby you have!". I showed off the baby for a second before tossing her next to the couch. The baby doll was perfectly happy, crammed under a jacket on the floor for the next 45 minutes, until Lillie came out to get her for show and tell. These dolls can be so much more agreeable than the real thing.

Today we have Lillie's birthday pictures at Yuen Lui. She has a very cute light purple dress to wear. After pictures it is off to preschool for her. In the evening Hansen has Taekwondo. I think I will run to Costco and buy the flooring for the upstairs bedrooms while she is in school. 32 boxes of Pergo type flooring. I am thinking that if I take the third row of seats out of my van, it should fit.

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Talent show, getting even with Dad.

Good Morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday was the tryouts for the Grass Lake Talent Show. Since Preston and his friend had not really practiced, and never with the karaoke version of their song, we had them both ride the bus to our house to get in 20 minutes of real practice before tryouts. They figured out when to start the singing and the dancing and it was time to go. I did bring the video camera (wish I could upload the video to my blog...I may try to learn so you can see this) and told the panel of judges (who were teachers) that I needed to video the tryouts because I was not sure this performance would ever be seen in qualify for the actual talent show, which should require actual talent. Well, after seeing a couple of other tryouts, I started to think the boys may actually have something worthy. When it was their turn, the Blues Brothers music started blaring, and they started their Soul Man dancing, then singing (dressed in blue suits)...and even though they were totally nervous and missed a couple of spots, they did a very good job and at this point, I will be surprised if they don't make the talent show. Most likely they will be rock stars once again come the day of the Talent Show.

Hansen and Preston have got a new way to get even with me when they are not happy with my parenting. The rule of no video games after dinner (on school nights) is not to their liking these days and they are constantly asking to play the Nintendo. I really don't mind saying "No!" to them every 3 minutes, in fact at some point it becomes comical. The argue that since they can go outside and play, they should be able to play the Nintendo...I just say "Nope, but you can ask again in a few minutes if you want...Nope again." Last night they were even more frustrated with me because I turned off Naruto so Maren and I could watch American Idol on the good TV. Yes, as parents, we don't have to watch our shows on the little TV in the kitchen. They could go watch kid shows in the kitchen if they wanted, but the only way to push bedtime back was for them to join us for American Idol...and be good. We did not have to push bedtime back as they ended up playing some game in their bedroom which resulted in Lillie and Hansen getting hurt just in time to brush teeth, read a story and go to bed. After the kids are in bed, I usually come back down stairs, set up the coffee maker and watch the golf channel for a few minutes. OK, Back to how the kids get even with me. When I start up to bed, I find toy snakes in strategic place on the stairs. And if that is not enough, they have started hiding toy snakes under my pillow! How rude is that. The first time I moved my pillow and was startled by a snake, Maren started to laugh(yes, she seems to be in on it...maybe innocent, I am not sure), so when the boys hear Maren laugh, they figure they have won. I will soon not be startled by toy snakes...I hope... Maren can still get me to jump whenever she wants by saying "Boo" when I open the door to come in the house.

Today Nana and Grandpa are going to come hang with Lillie and i will go golfing. It is supposed to be dry least the sky half of the world, the ground is still quite saturated.

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Dentist visit, busy day.

Good Morning, it is Tuesday.

We all did just fine at the dentist. No cavities for any of us. Yea! I guess with all the sugar in the world it is getting more rare for kids to not ever get cavities. Good for us. The kids all did very well. We only used three chairs. I was in one for the whole hour, the boys used one chair, Preston went first, and Lillie had her own chair. We were sent home with very smooth teeth, and new toothbrushes. How could anyone not enjoy a trip to the dentist? On the not so great side is that I have a couple of twenty five year old fillings that need to be replaced, they have been sensitive for a few months now and I guess they won't get any better on their own. And Preston needs to make an appointment with an Orthodontist because braces may be in his future. We shall see.

Lillie will be moved up next week from her 4 year old basic gymnastics class to the 5-6 year old Tumbling and Trampolining class. She is very excited. She loves the trampolines at the gymnastics school.

Today will be busy. Lillie has pre-school, Hansen has Taekwondo, and Preston has Math club and tryouts for the Talent Show. His friend will take the bus home with Preston to get in a half hour of last ditch practicing. They are preforming Soul Man by the Blues Bros. I downloaded the karaoke version of the song, they really do need the extra half hour of practice. I am sure they will have fun.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Bunny pictures, Dentist today.

Good Morning, it is Monday.

Yesterday was the first long day of the year...sunshine wise. It did not get dark until after 7:00pm. I actually did some yard work and got a little Lime on the grass before the rain (which it is doing right now). Nearly all the neighborhood kids went for a walk/bike ride up to the school last night. The neighbors took all of them, (I counted eleven kids) I rode my bike up to the school 20 minutes after they left to hang out. Everyone had a good time. Waking up for school this morning may be a challenge.

Yesterday we had Bunny pictures at Yuen Lui. We had a very good photographer. She seemed to know our kids perfectly. After the very first time she lined the kids up, Hansen was his usual just out of place, and she said "looks like we have a rouge brother!" She had other sayings as well that got our kids going perfectly. When it was Lillie's turn for individual pics, Lillie did this little pose thing on her way to the bunny and the photographer said "wow, she is good, just like a real model!" Lillie liked that just fine. Anyhow, a good photographer makes all the difference. If the pics were not so good, we would have just bought the $39.00 package, but there were good pics of each kid, and a good one of all of them and we ended up with the $130.00 package.

Today is Maren's first day with her new boss. I am sure she will be dotting all the i's and crossing all the t's today.

Today is also dentist day for me and the kids. Maren hates the dentist and always cancels her appointments at least once, so she is not invited to go to the dentist with the rest of us. The Dentist office has just enough chairs that we book the whole place for an hour every six months. Then all four of us get our teeth cleaned at the same time. It has worked out just fine like this for the last couple of years. So far no cavities for any of the kids and I have not had any problem for years, I hope this trend keeps on rolling.

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Lillie sings at Church, Preston gaming, visiting Avery and Jack.

Good Afternoon, it is Sunday.

I usually never make it to blog early on was even worse with Daylight Savings. But I am here now.

We just got back from Sunshine Mountain Day at our church, Zion Lutheran Church. All the 4 year old classes got together and sang a concert for the Church. There must have been over 50 kids from the four 4 year old classes. Lillie got to stand in the very middle of the back row, as she is about the tallest of all the 4 year old classes. Of course, most of the kids in the 4 year old class are turning 5 about now, as did Lillie the other day. I have never seen the Church so crowded, Lillie hammed it up, blowing kisses and doing all the song hand gestures perfectly. Afterwards all the kids got a doughnut and juice.

Preston was not at the concert because he spent the night at Alec's house in order to go to Alec's birthday party at Noobs (a video gaming place). Today is the release of Nintendo Wii Super Smash Bros. Brawl (I think) and they were gaming since 10:00 this morning. I am curious to see how tired Preston will be tonight after two nights in a row of sleep overs, daylight savings time change, and waking up early to get to the gaming store.

Yesterday we went up to Mel and Court's house to visit them and the baby Twins. I had been giving Court a bad time about only posting cute pics of Avery and none of Jack, but I now know how that happens. While we were there Avery was all smiles and was happy to have anyone hold her. Jack, on the other hand, was kind of tired, hungry, and cranky...but he would not eat, sleep or be too happy. I am sure Jack will figure out how to grab the spotlight from Avery some day, but for now Avery has a firm hold on it.

Later today we have Bunny pictures at Yuen Lui for the kids. We have had their pics taken with the Bunnies every year. One of these years Preston will protest being in little kid pics, but I think we will get at least this year out of him without protest.

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Value Village, musical kids, new carpet, Golf stuff-Grandpa Slane's birthdy.

Good morning, it is Saturday.

Yesterday morning Hansen went to his friend Nicholas's house to play for a few hours. While he was there I took Preston and Lillie to Value Village to look for treasures. Preston found the perfect shoes and sun glasses for his Soul Man (Blues Brothers) skit for the school Talent Show tryouts. We also found him some slacks and a jacket for the show, but I am not sure we wont find better in the days ahead. Lillie found a little car seat/baby carrier for her bitty baby. It is pink with princess on it. There was no price so I asked the cashier lady how much, she said it was supposed to have a doll with it and it was $4.99. Well there was no doll and I did not think that it was worth nearly that much in Thrift Store value. She asked someone else and they said $4.99 without the doll. I told Lillie that it was a little off price and maybe we would not get it. Lillie then told us (me, Preston and the cashier) that she was pregnant, her baby was at home, and she really needed this car seat!?! Oh my! Well, the cashier deiced she would sell the car seat to us for $1.99, which was acceptable, and now everyone is happy. I guess that is what happens when a 5 year old has three aunties (Amber, Melanie, and Amy) all pregnant and having babies at about the same time. I also found a golf rain shirt like I have been wanting for myself, it is like a pull over rain shirt with t-shirt sleeves, and a couple of pairs of jeans for the boys.

Yesterday I called back the lady from the Home Depot who I talked to the other day about carpet. She had the bid all ready and just needed our color choice. We chose a darkish brown called Earth Dance. After I gave her the color, she told me the price and said there was really no reason for me to come back to the Home Depot, and what is my credit card #. Since the bid was within $50.00 of what I had guessed it would be, I just gave her the # and off we went. We will finally get new carpet, we have been wanting to do that for years. It will probably be a few weeks, just enough time for the kids to destroy the new paint on the walls.

Last night at 6:45 pm Preston's friend Connor came over to see if he could spend the night. Hansen was right there and started dealing for Kole to spend the night at our house if Preston is gone. I said OK to Preston and Hansen both, if they could invite Kole over at 7:30 pm (the same time Preston was to go to Connor's house) and then spend the next half an hour power cleaning their rooms. It worked just fine, I have never seen Hansen do anything as fast as he started to clean his room, and Preston worked right along with him. Of course a half an hour at super speeds can only do so much to a room that really needs a tractor and a dumpster, but they did a good job. Preston was gone at 7:30 and our replacement kid was here just a minute earlier.

During the power cleaning, I called my dad to wish him a happy birthday. Lillie talked to him for a minute, bragged about her birthday. Hansen was very brief, he had cleaning on his mind and is not much of a phone talker, but Preston had an actual conservation talking about his new golf clubs. My dad asked my dad how he liked his new clubs, Preston said "like all great golfers, I hate all my clubs!" I did help him a little with that answer, but it was perfect for him, earlier in the day I took Preston and Hansen to the driving range and Preston hits very good shots about 1/3 rd of the time. The rest of the time he hits violent hooks or huge pushes. I try to tell Preston that his swing is very good, and the two shots are very related. He just needs to learn how to control the club head. Usually I show him one or two little things (not really swing related, just about where the club should aim, and how it should hit the ball) and let him go. He usually finishes his balls faster than me, is frustrated, then sits and watches me hit. Then after watching me for a few shots, he will take a few of my remaining balls, and go work on his swing. He may become very good with this approach. Hansen is still a little young for much help. Hansen will ask me to watch him hit a shot, then ask what I think...I usually say something like "That was a good shot Hansen, can I show you how to fix your stance so you don't fall down after hitting the ball?" He usually says "No, I don't have to hit the ball your way!" Hans usually finishes his balls before both Preston and I, then sits and watches us...then steals a few balls and hits them harder. His swing is coming around, and he too may be a very good golfer one of these days...Hansen does have a very good feel for putting.

Well, that was quite a ramble, we did say Happy Birthday to my Dad, then the kids went to their respective homes for and overnight. Hansen and Kole watched Karate Kid and played Nintendo way into the night. I doubt Preston went right to sleep over at Connors either.

See you tomorrow.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Maren's lunch, Hansen's special day

Good Morning, it is Friday.

Maren is better than yesterday, not 100%, but already gone to work. Since the boys don't have school today, I could be going back to sleep, but I am already up. Today is Maren's last day of no boss...Party time! Her old boss's last day was last Friday, her new boss starts Monday. Today Maren is scheduled to have lunch with a co-worker friend from France, and her parents, who are going on a trip to France at the end of the year. While the lunch will be about the best ways to travel in France, I am sure Maren will get the latest on the twins...we have not seen them since Sunday, but Carol has been over there [at Mel and Court's house] helping a lot.

Yesterday I helped in Hansen's class for about an hour and a half. I read with a struggling reader and did math with a struggling mathematician. This is the way I like to help in the classroom. I have been going back and forth lately in my mind on whether I will just teach more golf lessons and help in the pro-shop a little when Lillie is in Kindergarten next year, or if I will try to work for the school district as a para-educator helping the kids who are struggling. At this moment I am leaning towards the later. I think I will have Lillie just go to Kindergarten at Grass Lake with the boys. They only offer a half day Kindergarten program, which does limit my working time, so we shall see. The other fun thing in Hansen's class yesterday was that Hansen was the special kid last week and yesterday while I was there he got to read and show his poster about himself to the class. After they go over the poster, they then ask questions like "what is your favorite color?"-yellow, "what is your favorite food?"-candy, "what is your favorite TV show?"-Naruto, "what is your favorite class?"-PE and music, and "who is your favorite friend?"-Anessa. After all the questions, all the kids in the class will write a letter to Hansen and Mrs. Behrens makes a book out of the letters for the special kid to keep. It will be fun to read the letters when we get the book.

Today Lillie has preschool, and Hansen has Taekwondo Sparring. Hansen also has a play date with a friend this morning. While Hansen is at his friends house, the rest of us will will probably go to Value Village to look for a coat for Preston's talent show try-outs. He and a friend are singing Soul Man by the Blues Brothers, dance and all. Then when Lillie is at school, the rest of us will probably go to the golf course and hit some range balls.

Yesterday I received a letter about signing up with reunion site as my 20th high school class reunion is this year.

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Lillie birthday, Maren sick, out golfing

Good Morning, it is Thursday.

Lillie did have a good birthday day. In the Morning John came out and hung out with her. They did go to the park and had a great time, they also did some painting, and they played the pin the tiara on the Princess game that never got played at the party. In the early evening after the boys and me and Maren all got home, we went to Red Robin for Lillie's birthday dinner. She could not wait to let the waitress know it was her birthday. Lillie enjoyed dinner and being goofy with her brothers, but she really enjoyed all the workers bringing her ice-cream and singing her happy birthday. After dinner she had dance class where we saw the recital costumes. They are very cute, as is the dance. Then back home for presents. She got lots of cards, some with cash...Hansen now thinks Lillie is rich beyond her wildest imagination. One of her favorite things is a large talking and singing My Little Pony. She did have a good day. Lillie's new motto:" It's great to be Five!"

Maren woke up this morning feeling a ton sicker than she felt yesterday...which was not too good. She actually called in sick at work. She does not miss work often and calls in sick even less. She has so much sick leave that it is good that she use some. She is already asleep for the night. We may see her perk up around the time of American Idol.

Yesterday I golfed at Meridian Valley CC. Still my favorite course. I tried out a long putter. The long putter has worked nicely on slow greens, but the fast greens at MVCC, not so good. I will be going back to my old Ping Anser, and may never change again as yesterday was proof that I can putt very poorly with the latest thing...may as well putt poorly with my old Ping. I still played fine and had a great time in the good weather with good my favorite golf course.

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Happy Birthday Lillie,

Good Morning, it is Wednesday.


Today is Lillie's 5th birthday. We no longer have a 4 year old in our house. Today Grandpa John is coming out to hang with Lillie on her birthday. The weather will be the nicest of the week. They will probably walk to the sand park, swing on the swings, slide on the slides and party like Rock Stars. OK, they probably won't party like Rock Stars. Tonight we will probably go out to Red Robin for dinner before Lillie's dance class.

Last night was the school's Science Fair. Preston had a very good project entered, it was on floating eggs. He used the Scientific method perfectly and did a good job. There was a hover craft thing that the kids got to ride on, the gym was just packed with projects and people. Maren did a little bragging about a model heart she had made for one of her Science Fairs. John came out to see the Science Fair, that was nice.

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Homework, darts, Carpet

Good Morning, it is Tuesday.

Yesterday was a nice day back to school and gymnastics the first half of the day. The evening was filled with Preston doing homework. It seems that about half of his class has not been turning in homework of late, so his teacher gave them so much homework that they could not possibly forget about it. It has got to be frustrating when a HC class does not do its work.

Hansen played with his dart board for as long as possible. The garage wall is now covered with thousands of little dart holes. It is a small portion of unfinished wall, so no big deal. There are the occasional stray dart in the door and places you could not imagine.

Yesterday Lillie and I went and shopped for new carpet at Home Depot. I think we will buy a color that is a darker brown, but not too dark called Earth Dance. In the next week or two we will buy the flooring for the upstairs bedrooms, a Pergo type floor that I will install myself...or will I? Probably a light color in the kids rooms, and a darker color in our room. Our house will be very good looking in a few more months. Between the new paint, the carpet and flooring, the house really is nicer than when we moved in nearly 13 years ago.

Tonight is the school Science Fair. Preston's project was floating eggs in salt water. I think it turned out very well. Of course, he will need to set it up by himself at school...I think he will do just fine.

Hansen has Taekwondo, Lillie has preschool, I am teaching a lesson while Lillie is in school. Back to busy.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, March 03, 2008

first Communion, visiting the twins, dart board, electronic keyboard

Good Morning, it is Monday.

Yesterday was quite a day. We started the day with a special Sunday School class for Hansen (all second graders) about First Communion. There will be a special First Communion day for all second graders the week after Easter. In the evening we looked at Hansen's baby book and saw that he was baptized on March 5th, 2000. Three years to the day before Lillie was born.

From Sunday School to Seattle to visit Mel and Court's new babies, soon I will just be calling them the twins. They were dressed in matching blankets, a blue hat on Jack and a pink hat on Avery. Lillie wanted to hold the babies, then just move on to the other. If she had her way she could have just been able to rotate babies every few seconds. Preston enjoyed holding Jack. Hansen was very nervous about holding a baby, but he came around and did enjoy the little ones. John and Carol were there about the same time we were there. After about a half hour visit, maybe 45 minutes, but I don't think quite that long, we went to lunch with John and Carol. John and Carol went from three Grandchildren to Five in a hurry. Mel and Courtney looked very tired (as if that will ever change now that they have twins?) and hopefully they got some rest after we left.

After we were home for a while, I hung up Hansen's dart board in the garage. It is a real dart board with heavy sharp darts. He just loves it! He must have spent three hours just tossing his darts. I took Preston out to buy ink for the printer and look at Electronic Keyboards. We went to Radio Shack and looked at the one he wanted. It is very cool and $99.00. He had $105 and had allowance due in a few days. Radio Shack was out of stands and Preston did not know what he wanted to do. I suggested we take a walk across the parking lot to Goodwill and just look around for a few minutes so he could think (he had been saving for this for a very long time). While we were there we found a brand new, never even opened Keyboard Stand for less than half the price of the new ones. We took that as a sign, I gave him an advance on his allowance, bought him the stand, then went back over to Radio Shack to buy the Keyboard. So last night he was rocking out with his new Keyboard. Preston had to work on his Science Fair project, so his rocking did not last, but between the new Keyboard, the Dart Board and Lillie's new Birthday clothes and her new Hannah Montana doll (as seen hiding behind her in her exhausted princess picture below), it was a happy house.

Today is back to school, gymnastics, and Piano. I may take Lillie to look at new carpet choices for the house. I think our tax refund will buy new carpet this year.

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

extra Birthday post-daily post below.

This is the first picture of Jack and Avery. Happy Birthday Day.
From Left: Princess Claire, Princess Lillie, and Princess Kyra.
The Cake
An exausted and Partied out Lille, posing in front of the unused Pin the Tiara on the Princess picture by Julian and Lillie.

Welcome Jack and Avery, fun time at the Princess Party.

Good Morning, it is Sunday.

We got a phone call from Carol at 5:00am this morning to tell us about Melanie and Courtney's babies. They were born around 3:00 this morning and are doing well. Welcome Jack William Cunniff and Avery Dale Cunniff.

Lillie and Claire had a great time at their Princess Birthday Bash. It was great to have the party at our house and have everyone here. Kyra and Tyler made it as well as Lillie and Claire's brothers and parents. Baby Maggie was here as well. The kids were flying every which way. At present time the paper was flying and the kids were flying and it was total chaos. The cake and pizza were devoured and everyone left pretty worn out. We had plenty of ping pong and Nintendo. The kids were having so much fun they decided to skip the whole Pin the Tiara on the Princess game.

Preston also worked on his Science Fair project. Floating eggs in salt water. We found out that it takes about 3 tsps of salt diluted in 6 ounces of water to make an uncooked egg to float.

Today we will go to Church, then up to Seattle to see the kid's new cousins.

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Or is it?

Good Morning, it is Saturday. Or is it?

I threw on the "or is it?" because that seems to be the phrase of the day around here. Preston started it, Hansen caught on, now Lillie has taken over. I is not just "or is it?", but "or do I?", "or do you?", and "or does he/she?" Preston started using the phrase at witty times, now Lillie and Hansen just use it all the time. Here is an example of the way Lillie uses the phrase:

J: "Hey Lillie, would you like a lolly pop?"

L: "Or would I?"

J:"I don't know, you big dork, would you?"

L:"Or am I?"

J:"If I had any hair, I would pull it out!"

L: "Or would you?"

J: "If I had any Hair, yes I would, but I don't."

L: "Or do you?"

I need a new job! Or do I?

Anyhow, off to decorate for the Princess bash.

See you tomorrow.