Thursday, February 28, 2008

working fridge, Lillie good day with gramps, good golf round.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Yesterday morning, I heard the fridge make a noise that it had never make before, kind of a humming vibrating noise and my first thought was "what is it now?" So I checked it out and it seems to be defrosting itself for the first time ever. I think the last visit by the tech were they decided that everything was replace, and the only thing it could be was the heater element may have actually worked. Yeah, we finally have a working refrigerator!

Yesterday John came out to hang with Lillie while I went golfing. Lillie was feeling much better and her and her gramps had a fun day. Sounds like they walked up to the sand park and played on the swings and stuff. Lillie does love swings. She is still mad at me for taking down our tiny swing set and putting in a fire pit. She never really knew the hazards of swinging on a swing set where the legs came off the ground and the whole thing was rusting out. Nans stayed home as she was feeling sick, but did send some of the yummy frozen mac and cheese for Lillie. The frozen mac and cheese is a big yum for the kids, we just have the box kind at our house.

yesterday I played a very good round of golf. I think it was only the second round of golf in my memory that I had no slips. Zero bogies. Because of suspect putting, I only carded one bird, so 17 pars, 1 bird, and a smooth 70. I was thinking about a round with no slips on the last couple of holes and had to make a couple of breaking 3 footers that didn't have to go in, that was very satisfying. I still lost the back and the total to Mike who is a 9 hcp to whom I gave 6 strokes. Luckily I had enough KPs to collect a buck. I have not decided if I am just giving him too many strokes, or he just seems to play well against me. Probably both. My guess is if I only gave him 5 strokes, I would beat him silly...knowing you have that extra stroke down the stretch is a big mental boost. Maybe I will suggest 3 full strokes and 3 half strokes next time.

This morning Hansen has his first ear check up since his ear tube was removed a month ago. He has had no problems from what we can tell, hopefully everything is healing fine. The way Lillie was feeling last night, I expect her to be good for school today. Things may be back to normal for the day.

See you tomorrow.

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