Friday, February 08, 2008

Wilson Zip golf balls, Preston's haircut, Peg Kehret signed books for the boys.

Good Morning, it is Friday.

A few weeks ago I was at Jade Green Golf Course and the owner Jim had visited with the Wilson Sales rep. Jim gave me a 2 ball sleeve of the new Wilson Zip golf ball to try. For the last few years I have played the Titleist ProV1, but I have felt that the newer models of the ProV1 have been too hard, and I have never liked the x model. So I tried the Wilson Zip and really like the ball. It seems to fly just the same as the ProV1, but feels even softer. Anyhow, I called the sales rep for Wilson and he is going to send me a couple dozen Wilson Zip golf balls for free. So just like that, I am using Wilson Zip golf balls this season. I signed up for about 6 pro-am golf tournaments, the first one should be in about a month? There still may be snow on the ground, but we will be golfing.

Yesterday Preston got a haircut. A HAIRCUT! His hair had not been cut for like forever and it was so long and shaggy. Truthfully it is still long, and will be shaggy again soon, but it is so much nicer than the day before yesterday. I brought Preston to Hairmasters while Hansen was in Taekwondo. They got him right in, did a good job and we were back to Taekwondo 15 minutes early.

Today is the rescheduled refridgerator repair date. I will not even put this in the title of today's blog because my fingers are crossed that the guy will show up, and even more importantly, some progress can be made.

The boys were very excited yesterday. A local author named Peg Kehret came to Grass Lake to speak to the school. We let the boys each buy a book that she signed to each of them. How cool is that? If you ask Maren or Hansen, it is about as cool as cool gets. If you ask Preston it is cool enough for an little grunt while passing by...even less if you ask him to turn off Guitar Hero in order to ask him the question. Peg Kehret (sounds like carrot, not kayret) has many books the kids enjoy. Good for the school to invite authors to get the students excited about reading.

See you tomorrow.

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