Saturday, February 23, 2008

Visited Amy, Camden, and Maggie...took Camden out to lunch.

Good Morning, it is Saturday.

Yesterday around lunch time the kids and I visited Amy, Camden, and baby Maggie. Maggie won't always be called baby Maggie, but since she is still just a baby, baby Maggie is good. We hung out at Amy's house for a while and the kids played on the deck and took turns holding baby Maggie. Baby Maggie is doing great. She is like 10lbs and looking great.

After we hung out there [at Amy's house] for awhile, I offered to take Camden with us to lunch. So I had my three and Camden and we went to McDonald's for lunch. Hung out there and played with the Spiderwick happy meal toys, then we walked over to Baskin and Robins and each kid got an ice-cream cone. After that we walked over and looked at Camden's Karate studio, then finally over the Big Lots to shop for ping pong balls and cat litter. All the kids behaved especially well, and fun was had by all. These strange Happy Meal toys were a troll type thing from Spiderwick Chronicles that you would hold about a foot in front of your face, hold a looking glass in front of your eye, then shine the troll light into your eye. For the first while, every time the kids would shine the Troll light into their eyes, I would be like "hey, don't shine these lights into your eyes...what are you thinking!" Then Hansen showed me the instructions, and they were doing it just was actually cool, with the looking glass, you could see trolls jump out of nowhere. After all the eating and shopping, we brought Camden home, said hi to baby Maggie, and then home for an afternoon of ping pong and playing outside.

Today will be a not much day. I think the garage sales may have started with the nice weather (45 degrees and sunny) so we may go on a walk and look for garage sales.

See you tomorrow.

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