Saturday, February 16, 2008

Vacation has started.

Good Morning, it is Saturday.

Yesterday was the last day of school for the kids for the next week. They all have next week off. Hansen and Lillie woke up at normal times, but Preston and Maren are still snoozing away. I think they each think they are teenagers when it comes to sleeping in. If the sun is still on the way up, and you have no reason to wake up, then it is too early to wake up. Actually I suspect I will see them both around 9:30 am, but not a minute before. Monday morining they will both sleep in until after 10:00am. Hansen and Lillie were up by 7:30 am, which seems like a ton earilier.

Yesterday on the way to taking Lillie to school we stopped at Value Village to look for treasures. We found some good stuff. After taking Lillie to school, Maren and I were able to get in lunch at a Teriyki resturaunt and some shopping at Fred Meyer.

After Taekwondo one of Hansen's friends asked us if we were going anywhere for vacation. We are not...we will just enjoy not doing anything. Hansen's friend was leaving 4 hours after Taekwondo to take red eye flights (with 3 kids) to Orlando for the week. My friend Doug is going on a cruise this week. I guess we are vacationing in Covington!

Today is a busy day...just a slow start. The furnace repair man will be here in a few hours to replace some parts on the furnace. We are going to a farm for dinner. Mick and Susan have 5 acres or so and have chickens and stuff. Lillie really gets a kick out of the chickens.

See you tomorrow.

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