Thursday, February 21, 2008

Spiderwick, golfing.

Good Morning, it is Thursday.

Yesterday John and Carol took the kids to see The Spiderwick Chronicles. The boys said the movie was great. Lillie said the movie was good, but got kind of boring. The show times that I fowarded to John were (unknown to me) for weekend and holidays. So the crew got to the movie about an hour too early. Coldstone ice-cream came to the rescue and I guess it worked out better than could have been planned. Usually on Wednesdays John and Carol only have Lillie, it is nice that the boys got to hang with them this week thanks to vacation.

I went golfing with a few friends. The weather was great and I played well. I ended up pushing my matches for the day money wise. It is hard to do too much in match play with 17 pars and one bogey. Especially if you have to give a few strokes per side to your competition.

Today may be busy and may not be...we will see where the day takes us.

See you tomorrow.

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