Friday, February 15, 2008

So much Valentine stuff.

Good morning, it is Friday.

The kids got so much stuff for Valentines Day, it is currently all over the house, on the floors, the tables, the windows, everywhere. I had to take two trips to the car from Lillie's preschool just to carry all her hearts, cakes, candys, and other great Valentines Day stuff. Hansen also had a mail box full of cards and candy. Preston's class had a Pizza party for lunch. Passing out Valentines was optional. Preston had a bunch in his bag, but forgot to give them out? The Pizza party looked fun. After dropping Lillie off at school, I drove to the boys' school to help in Hansen's class. I got to the school just in time to help clean up after Preston's pizza party. The class ate a ton of Pizza and drank a ton of pop. How is that for school lunch? Sounds good to me. Next I went to Hansen's class. I enjoy helping in Hansen's class because I ususally get to help kids with reading or math. Sometimes I do photo copying and stuff, but there is always stuff to do that seems to actually help. I was worried that I would be doing a Valentines day party, but I got to do my usual helper stuff, then I left just before the party started. Phew. Having to pick up Lillie from school can be a good excuse sometimes. Next year all three kids will be in the same school, one year of ease, after next year I will have kids in two or three different schools for the rest of the schooling days.

Maren has taken today off, and has Monday off due to holiday. The first four day weekend she has had in a long time. She is still sleeping, I don't even have an ETA for her to wake up and come down stairs. The coffee was made a couple of hours ago, the boys are off to school, and Lillie is watching an episode of Sponge Bob.

Today is going to be a good weather day.

See you tomorrow.

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