Friday, February 01, 2008

refrigerator repair, Lillie on the way for overnight

Good Morning, it is Friday.

This morning the "senior" refrigerator repair person is scheduled to come to our house and check out our still not defrosting fridge. Maybe they can get us going in a better direction in regards to solving the problem of the fridge. The dishwasher started not working again. I remembered what the dishwasher guy did, so I did the same thing. The screen was clogged with sticky stuff or something, I have no idea what it could be, but it is working fine again.

We finally got all our tax stuff in the mail yesterday, now I can do our taxes. We still get enough back in a tax refund that doing the taxes is not so bad.

After Lillie gets home from preschool, her cousin Claire [driven by her dad Kraig] is coming over to pick up Lillie and take her [and Claire] for an overnight at Carol's house. Should be a great time. I am not sure what is on the agenda, but I can guarintee it has nothing to do with going to the skateboard park. My guess is lots of make-up, lots of princess dresses, lots of hair doodads, lots of running around, lots of giggling, lots of candy, and maybe a little bit of sleep.

See you tomorrow.

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