Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ping Pong, Movie, golf clubs, Trailer.

Good Morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday I spent most of the day working in the garage. I cleaned and rearanged a ton of stuff so I could put up the Ping Pong table. As soon as the table was set up, there were 10 kids out of nowhere waiting to play. I finally had to leave, take a deep breath, and just let them go. Most of the time they don't play Ping Pong...they play "Ping THE Pong", I guess it is from the Drake and Josh show or something. Anyhow, when the word "the" is thrown in, all the rules are apparently thrown out. They seemed to be having a great time, at least untill they have to come to me begging for more ping pong balls. How do you loose 5 ping pong balls and distroy the netting all in one afternoon? Apparently you are very carefull because if they had their way, we would be out like 20 ping pong balls and would be on our second table. I found the netting parts under the table and have a few more ping pong balls...that should last them a few more days. I figure they will either improve enough to stop loosing balls, or just get bored of Ping Pong. I have had the ping pong table for a couple of years. It is kind of old and a little beat up, but I got it for free, so who is to complain. It has a unique leg system that allows it to be taken apart and stored flat. I has been put away and the kids just recently started asking for it to be set up again.

Today John and Carol are going to take the kids to see a movie while I go golfing. The movie is the Spiderwick Chronicles. Preston and Hansen know all about it and may have read the book? Lillie really wants to go just because. The previews say it may be a little scary for the 5 and 6 year olds, but Lillie insists she will close her eyes during the scary parts. I figure Nana will help her out in that department. I am sure they will have great time.

I have been watching some clasic Wilson Staff golf clubs (from when I was a kid)on e-bay. There are folks out there with mid 1980's Wilson Staff irons that have never been hit, or have been refinished to brand new specs. These clubs look like they will not be too expensive, then in the last hour...BOOM, the bids go crazy and people pay big bucks for these old clubs. I am not willing to pay big bucks, and I really don't have a shortage of clubs...but if I found the right deal...

Also, the trailer I would buy to build a tear drop trailer is on sale at Fred Meyer. I have a week to decide if I really want to build it or not. After going over the plans breifly with my friend Mick, I have changed them a little so that I could make the trailer top removable. That is a good idea because then I could use the utility trailer for other stuff. The tear drop top would have little legs that could hook into the slots that would hold the wooden sides of the trailer in trailer form. I really just need like a six car garage. One spot for Maren's car, one spot for my car, one spot for the bicycles and overstock, one spot for my golf clubs and excersize stuff, one spot for the ping pong table, and one spot for building stuff. Instead we have a two car garrage with one spot for Maren's car, and the other spot for everything else. It is a good thing Maren has a very small car. If she had a mid size car, I don't think it would fit in the garage.

Maren has to work about an hour late tonight due to a meeting. Lillie has dance class. See you tomorrow.


Amber said...

It's awesome that you set up the ping pong table! For me, the whole thing about the trailer may as well have been written in a different language (I guess I just don't know much about trailers?).

I gotta tell ya J - this is the first blog that I could really tell you didn't have a spell checker :P

Julian's Blog said...

I really miss my spell checker.