Friday, February 22, 2008

Lillie's big secret, Ping pong.

Good Morning, it is Friday.

Yesterday was a nice day. The weather was nice, and the kids all had fun. Lillie got to have lunch at Ally's house. Hansen ended up spending the night at Kole's house. Preston was taken back a little that Hansen was spending the night at a friends but he had to follow house rules. Well, Maren has to work this morning, so it is what it is. Preston did enjoy Lillie wanting to sleep in the bottom bunk since Hansen was not there. She told him that she had important questions to ask him and important secrets to share with him. So way after bed time when we finally got them into bed, I listened for just a second to see what Lillie's first big secret was. Lillie said to Preston..."Preston, Preston, my first secret is that...Hansen and Dad are both Turd nippers!" Then of course Preston and Lillie were laughing so hard that it would be awhile before either would be sleeping. The quick skinny on the term turd nipper, is that the kids think anything with the word turd is very funny. So much so that they have been in trouble on a number of occasions for using the word turd in many different ways, and at many different times that are very inappropriate. Finally Hansen would just draw pictures and pass them to Preston and Lillie until they were all laughing as well (I have saved a few for embarrassing Hansen in the years to come)...the drawing of Turd nipper is of a person standing like a chicken eating feed off the ground, only the feed the person is eating is not chicken feed. Sorry to burden you with these ideas, just be glad you are not the one sitting in between Lillie and Hansen at the dinner table!

Today we are going to try to visit Amy, Camden and baby Maggie. The plan is to then take Camden out to lunch and give Amy a break. Preston will want to go to the dollar store to buy more ping pong balls. I have actually seen a couple get lost forever and I can attest that the back of the Coke Machine (yes, for those who do not know, I have a full size bright red Coke machine from the mid 1980s in the garage. It is set so it sells cans of soda for 5 cents) kind of sucks the ping pong balls right up. Because of cramped quarters, I need to move the ping pong table to get in the Coke machine...and the ping pong table is not that easy to move because it just isn't. Preston is hands down the best ping pong player in the neighborhood. None of the junior high kids stand a chance. The only person Preston has no chance of beating is...wait for it...ME! Probably by the end of the summer, i will have no chance at beating Preston. When that time comes around, I will just start playing Hansen. It is always good to have a back up plan.

See you tomorrow.

PS. Spellcheck is back...doing the happy dance!

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