Sunday, February 24, 2008

Lillie and Ali, saying "no', Oscars.

Good afternoon, it is Sunday. Sunday post are usually around this time...after church.

Yesterday was a good day. Lillie got to go to Ali's 3rd birthday party. Sounds like she had a great time. When it was time to leave, Ali's parents asked if Lillie could stay later to watch Alice in Wonderland. Lillie and Ali had this whole scheme worked out to have Lillie spend the night at Ali's house. When Ali's parents said no, they changed plans to have Ali spend the night at our house. Ali came over and made herself at home. I had to take Lillie and Ali back to Ali's house as a sleep over of kids under 5 is just not happening. Ali got home and said that "Julian said NO!"...I then heard Ali's sister Adi yell, "Julian always says NO!" I probably say no to Ali more than to other people, but I don't always say no! Last night the boys were mad at me for not letting them sleep down stairs. They were getting on me for always saying "no", so I just told them that if they would ask questions that had "yes" answers, I would answer "yes", and that it is their own fault for always asking "no" questions. Yeah, whatever...they did not buy it.

Maren and Lillie are counting the minutes until 3:00 pm when the Oscars start. It always used to be that Maren would work on Oscar Sunday. Now that she does not work on Sundays, I don't think she will ever miss another Oscars.

Back to school tomorrow. We had a fine vacation in Covington.

See you tomorrow.

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