Wednesday, February 13, 2008

last cold day, washed the car and brought the rain, hope to go golfing.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

This morining it is 62 degrees in our house. The gas fireplace will get the dining room warm in a while, but can you say brrrr. The repair man is scheduled for this morining. Our furnace has some issue with the valve wanting to stay closed. Apparently this valve has been used my many companys and has had many problems. Fun. Last night I put a fire log in the fire place. The log would not light, so I put paper under it to light it. Then I was moving things around and the log broke apart and fire was just flying off of it. It sounded like a jet engine as fire wooshed up the chiminey. I took a wet towel and put the fire out for my own peace of mind. No smoke or anything got in the house. Just a little panic on my part. I was talking to my neighbor when taking out the garbage, he said I should have just let it burn...would have cleaned out the chiminey. No thanks.

Yesterday the weather was very nice in the morning. I washed my car while Lillie played outside with bubbles and visited with Jada, the neighbor toddler. To those who noticed it rained quite a lot yesterday afternoon and evening, sorry. I guess I should have not washed my car. The last several times I have washed my car on a seemingly nice day, the rain has showed up just hours afterwards. My car was a nice blue color for a while, it still looks a ton better than yesterday.

Today I am hoping to go golfing. It should be the nicest day of the year so far. It may be close to 50 degrees and maybe a little sun? Could we be so lucky? The refrigerator repair man always shows up late, but the furnace repair guys usually show up on the early side, I hope that trend stays true. I was telling Maren that with all our appliance problems and all her job problems, we should just sell this dump and move away. That is not going to happen. More likely I will just continue to buy the service agreememts on the furnace and the refrigerator and just deal with them not working 5% of the time.

Time to wake up the kids. Today should be a calm day, Lillie has dance class this afternoon and that is all. The kids will be working on Valentines Day card this evening for their class parties, and with any luck, the house will be warm again.

See you tomorrow.

PS. If you have a blogger account, is the spell check working for you? Mine is still not working in case you could not figure that out by reading my blog.

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Amber said...

I don't use spell check... I inherited the good spelling trait from Grampa. Actually, I often compose my blogs as email drafts and check them there, send them to Chuck to approve, then copy paste them into blogger when I'm ready. May seem like an unnecessary step for you, the daily blogger, but at least you could spell check!

If you guys do decide to move, I hear Austin's pretty nice :)