Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Hansen's good day.

Good Morning, it is Tuesday.

Yesterday was a good day for Hansen. He was named Student of the Month at his elementary school. His name was announced over the loud speaker, his picture taken, and he was given a gift certificate to a smoothie store. Preston said he heard that Hansen got Student of the month, but he did/does not actually care. How is that for brotherly support? Yeah, none. Hansen also got 100% on his spelling test for the second time this year. Yup, Maren had to pay Hansen a dollar for that spelling test. It was easy for her, she just took the dollar she won on her Superbowl bet with me to pay Hansen. Today is allowance day for the kids. Since we had to buy milk yesterday, I gave the kids their allowance a day early...an advance. I think Hansen's favorite sentence is: "Can I have an advance on my allowance?". Well, he got one, just one day, but it was still great for him. Spent every penny in about 15 minutes. Hansen bought some Mega Blocks dragon egg things. Lillie bought a Princess phone in the likes of Fancy Nancy. Preston took the cash with a grunt. Oh yea, tonight Hansen gets his Blue Belt in Taekwondo. It is good Hansen is having a couple of good days. In a couple of weeks when there is no allowance on the horrizon, his smoothie certificate is gone, he has been a Blue Belt for awhile, and Preston decides to start spending his money, things will not be so chipper for Hansen...I will start hearing his favorite sentence every twenty minutes.

Today is Taekwondo for Hansen. Preston has Math Club. Preston had a very successfull Soccer tryout yesterday, he will be on the team for sure. Good for Preston. Might even get a two syllable grunt from the kid if you talk to him. Lillie has preschool. Maren has work.

See you tomorrow.

PS. Still no spell check!?! I could barf.

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Amber said...

Do they get allowance each week, or once a month? Is it still a dollar for every year old they are, spread out between spend, save, and charity?