Monday, February 04, 2008

Great sports weekend.

Good Morning, it is Monday.

Well, NY wins the Super Bowl in a very close game, Tiger comes from 4 back to win as Ernie chokes in Dubai, and Phil puts himself in a spot to win, then gets beat in a playoff. Good sports day. Could not have written it any better. Of course the comercials are worth watching during the Super Bowl, there were plenty of good ones. I will have to go to myspace and watch some of them again.

The kids played more Nintendo than normal as they could not just change the channel on the TV. I don't usually sit infront of the TV all day, but yesterday was good. I actually did get outside to change the bird feeder and take the guards off of the vents. I made some insulator squares to put over the house vents when it gets around 20 degrees at night, a little extra help so the pipes don't freeze. Anyhow, I don't think it will get lower than 28 degrees for a long time, so I took them off. I was manuvering under the deck and totally clocked my head on a wooden beam. Ouch. Good thing I was wearing a hat, but us bald guys show big scratchy dents in our heads well.

Today Preston has his first tryouts for the Auburn Select Soccer team. Hansen has a Piano Lesson, Lillie has gymnastics and a make up speech class. Maren works late, we will not see her until 10:00 pm or so.

See you tomorrow.

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