Sunday, February 17, 2008

Furnace stuff, chickens.

Good early afternoon, it is Sunday.

I did not feel like blogging this morning, it was too flipping cold. 60 degrees. Yup, after $650 of work done to the furnace, it did not turn on this morning. It is on a service plan, so the $650 did not all come out of our pocket, but still...what gives. Just now I checked it out myself. I took apart the automatic pilot lighter thing and bent it a little, then put it all back together, and guess is working. Lets hope it stays good for another bunch of years. My hopes are not great, I figure it will not work tomorrow, but my fingers are crossed. It seemed to me that the system was not registering that the pilot light was on? I am tempted to take out entire tax refund, our economic stimulus $$$, and the rest of our savings and buy a really fancy heating/air conditioning system for our house. This morning I was just thinking about moving.

Yesterday we went to dinner at Mick and Susan's house on their farm. They have chickens. Now Maren, Preston, Hansen and Lillie are trying to convince me to build a chicken coop in our back yard. I don't think that will work! Hansen had a great time at Mick and Susan's house with the chickens and stuff, but he could not sleep last night because of some of the circle of life stuff we saw. On the back of the property when we were exploring we found the remains of a dead chicken only hours old and a fresh skull of a dog or coyote that did not make it either. It was kind of freaky. Glad we don't have those type of animals hunting in our back yard. Maybe if we get chickens?

Today is a nice sunny day...I am guessing we will just hang out at home and the kids will play outside or something.

See you tomorrow.

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