Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Do any boys work? Costco, coffee, gum.

Good Morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday Lillie was not feeling great, so I kept her out of school. Last time I sent Lillie to school when she was not feeling great, I had to go back early and pick her up. No one needs that again. Lillie was not feeling too crummy either, so we went up to visit Maren at work and go to Costco to order her and Claire's birthday cake.

When we drove up to Maren's work, the Library Service Center, we had to drive around for an extra second looking for a parking spot. There were a few women heading into the service center. Lillie actually asked me "Dad, do any boys actually work, or do only girls work?" Ouch! I told her that most families have the boys work and ours is kind of unique that I don't work more than mom. That I only work when she is in school so I can take care of her and her brothers. Maren seemed to think this was funny, not sure what I think about it yet. Guess I need to take her somewhere other than the school, the Library, and dance class.

At Costco we ordered a princess cake, bought plenty of things that were not on our shopping list, thought we did a good job of buying what we need, and a little of what we want. At dinner when Hansen found out we were at Costco, he asked "Did you buy more Coffee beans?" Maren and I both looked at each other and said "OH NO!!!...Jinx, 1,2,3,4,5,6...stop!" Can you believe it, we forgot coffee beans. Luckily the cake needs to be picked up on Friday, and our coffee supply should last for a few more days. We will just have to tie a string around our finger.

While doing the laundry last night, we found that some bubble gum made its way into the dryer and got all over Maren's favorite blanket and in the dryer. Yuck. Maren did a google search and found ways to remove bubble gum from blankets. After a long while of working with butter knives, ice and fabric softener, the blanket was saved. Kind of like the rice for wet electronics. Isn't the Internet amazing?

Here is to hoping the kids wake up healthy. See you tomorrow.

PS. I just did the spell check. It actually said there were no misspellings found. It must be broken again.

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