Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Costco run, driving range, fridge.

Good Morning, it is Tuesday.

The kids are on break, Maren is working today. 6:00 am was too early to wake up. I went downstairs at 6:30 am to say hi to Maren. I tried to go back to sleep at 7:00 when she left, but it did not work, Lillie was up at like 7:30. The boys are still sleeping, I will probably let them sleep until like 9:30 if they don't wake up first.

Yesterday we did a family Costco run. Since we had already had left over Pizza Hut pizza for lunch, there was no reason to buy pizza. Instead Maren did the shopping and the rest of us had ice-cream (we did save a little bit for Maren). Costco was very busy. At the food court we were very lucky to find a place to sit. We were sitting next to a family of four that just finished shopping and now were having lunch. The kids were tired and cranky as were the parents. I tell you, having one parent shop while the rest have ice-cream is the way to go! I would say we left in better spirits than when we arrived.

In the evening I took Preston and Lillie to the driving range for a few minutes. Hansen was playing with friends and scheduled to have a piano lesson (which was then cancled). I don't know what happened, but Preston has become a very good golfer. His swing is perfect...long, smooth, perfect balance and very solid finish. He was just ripping shots one after another. I need to find him some clubs soon. I may have to go to a local club builder because he needs a left handed, 1 inch short length club, with a stiff shaft. You don't just find those specs at the store. Anyhow, Preston really supprised himself with how well he could hit the ball, but he says soccer is his game. Lillie had fun, but she prefered to watch Preston just hit balls...and she made a point to let everyone know that she was watching Preston hit balls, not me! Whatever.

Today the refridgerator repair man is due back to install some new parts. Just think, we could possibly have both a working furnace and a working refridgerator at the same time...that would be so out of the ordinary. I don't want to jinx anything, so knock, knock on wood and I am done talking about it.

See you tomorrow.

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