Saturday, February 09, 2008

Caucus system, fridge/furnace.

Good Morning, it is Saturday.

Maren is off to work 15 minutes earlier than if it was a week day. She is teaching a class at some big conference where there are a dozen other classes being offered as well. Maren has been collecting plenty of comp time. When the kids are home for President's week, I suspect we will see much more of her.

Our furnace is not working this morning. For some reason there seems to be a gas line that gets clogged or something. I will go play with it in a bit, right now it is 64 degrees. Yesterday the refridgerator repair man may have figured the fix. After rechecking everything he called the support folks for the repair people. He tested the heater element (which has been tested every time) in a different way, with more amps. Found that it was showing it worked at low amps, but not at high amps? I guess it never has gotten hot enough, and the computer that controls the fridge turns the defrost off after 30 minutes figuring it is done. I am actually thinking this will be the fix. I think I hear Hevenly music playing in the background while the sun shines on the fridge. Oh yeah, there have only been six days with sun since mid October, and today is not going to be the seventh.

Today is Democratic Caucus day for Washington State. Neither Maren or I can attend because she is working today and I have the little kids and sports stuff. I would bring Preston, but I can't bring Hansen or Lillie, they are just too young. The Dem leaders have decided that the caucus system will decide the deligates and the primary on Tuesday does not mean anything. The Republicans had gone just the opposite. They only are counting the Tuesday Primary I think. Anyhow, I don't say much political stuff on my blog just because, but there is just no way that the caucus attendees are an accurate cross section of folks. Too many older folks (I call myself older in this example) have to work or have other duties (like kid sports) with family and such and can't attend a 1:00 caucus on Saturday. That means that the folks who can attend are generally younger and of a different mind. Our caucus system will most likely choose Obama easily, but if the popular vote were to be used, I suspect Hillary would be the choice. I could support a 50/50 usage of the caucus and the primary, but 100% on the caucus throwing the primary results in the garbage does not seem very responsible to me. I have only written two letters to the editor in my life (the last was to oppose a tunnel at the Seattle waterfront) and I wrote one the other day about the caucus. It is short and sweet, and is in today's Seattle Times. Here is a link to today's editorials:

Update: the furnace is working just needed to be yelled at a little.

See you tomorrow.

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