Sunday, February 03, 2008

Belt test, Lillie home, Super Bowl

It is Sunday...about12:30.

Yesterday Hansen did a great job at his belt test for his blue belt. He was very confident in his forms and did everything just perfectly. I volunteered to hold one of the boards for the red belt tests. It is kind of fun to hold the boards while they get broken. Hansen did a snap kick to break his board no problem.

The house was so quiet without Lillie around. Lillie was at Nana's house with Claire. Claire ended up being sick, but they still ended up having a good time...the kids that is, I don't know about Nana. Lillie got home yesterday evening and the house got loud once again.

Today I will watch the Phoenix open until the superbowl, now that we are home from Church. I have been a Pats fan all year, but I would seceretly like to see NewYork win. I don't know what is up with me today. I would like to see Phil Mickelson win the golf and New York win the Super Bowl. I may change my mind later as I am not really a Phil fan, and I have always liked the Pats. Maren has gotten us great treats for the Super Bowl.

See you Tomorrow.

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Amber said...

That's the latest "early morning" blog you've posted yet! Glad you were pulling for NY. We watched the game at a neighbors house with lots of kids and grandparents around... it was neat hanging out with family, even if it wasn't ours (and even if we normally wouldn't care too much about the superbowl).