Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Visited Baby Maggie

Good Morning, it is Wednesday.

Last night we visited baby Maggie. Amy and Maggie went home from the hospital in the morning, and we visited in the evening. Maggie is a very cute, and very little. She is about six and a half pounds? She has perfect little features. She was dressed in a pink hat, pink onesie, and a pink blanket. So cute! When we showed up she was just sleeping in her dad's arm. Lillie and Maren got to hold her first. Preston surprised me by wanting to hold her next. Then Hansen had a turn. After Hansen had his turn, Maren snapped Maggie back up and monopolized her for the next 20 minutes. Maren took my turn, and did not feel bad about that for a second. I took lots of pictures. Maggie was a perfectly agreeable baby the whole time. Fussed for just a second here and there, but never was even bothered by the kids flying around her...and they were literally flying, doing all kinds of gymnastics moves and jumping down stairs and such. Camden was delighted to have a kid entourage to goof off with.

This morning the furnace repairman is scheduled to show up. The furnace did not work correctly for a few days in a row, then I made an appointment to get it fixed, now it is working again. I am not canceling the appointment, or it will surely not work. It can have a check up if nothing else.

Maren is frantically preparing for her trip. I think these big committees can add years to one's life. Good thing Maren is just a kid. She leaves tomorrow morning and is headed to Philadelphia, which for the last week or so has been considerably warmer than we are here.

Today we have me going golfing, Preston in gymnastics, and Lillie at dance class. Hansen has a ton of homework he needs to catch up on. We let him slide a little the last couple of days, so today is catch up day. He has homework packets that are due at the end of the weeks. Preston does not really have that type of thing, rather he finishes unfinished work, and does big projects.

See you tomorrow.

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Amber said...

Maggie is so cute!! Thanks for all the pics.

A friend of mine just had twins over the weekend, and I got to go to the hospital and hold her perfect 4-1/2 pound girl. Definitely the smallest baby I've ever held! The 6 lb boy is still in NICU due to fluid in the lungs, but he'll be fine.