Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Puke stuff. Boy's room finished.

Good Morning, it is Tuesday.

Phew, we survived the three day weekend. Yesterday Maren was sick for most of the day. She did help out around dinner time which was nice. Looks like she is on the mend today and is off to work as scheduled.

Last night Lillie had a coughing fit or something and ended up puking all over herself and her bed. Total Eww! For one of the first times ever, I was able to clean her up, clean up her bed and room, get her back to bed, and launder everything without waking up Maren or the boys. And the kicker is...I did not puke in the process! Yeah! Lillie was a good little trooper, I think she was feeling 100% better after puking and getting cleaned up. And she was just happy to be getting cleaned up. I got to her quickly, last time she could not get out of her bedroom because her hands were so covered in puke, she could not turn the doorknob to her room, how sad is that? (I did remember to clean the door knob) Hot dogs for dinner and chocolate cake for desert. Yum. Sorry about that. Usually when there is puke in a kids room, the first thing I do is call Maren. Then I take the crying kid into the bathroom to clean them up and calm them down until Maren is done cleaning the room. I try to avoid puke...at all cost. When Maren goes for her conferences and is gone for a week, one of my main hopes is that the kids don't puke, because I figure it would really be gross in a week by the time she got home. I don't like cat puke either. The worst was probably back when we had Abe, the dog, and he would get car sick. He would puke, eat it up, puke again, eat it up, puke again, and eat it up and so on until we got to our destination. Depending on where he was on this cycle, I could just drive around the block so I would not have to clean up as much. Totally gross. Especially in rental cars.

Yesterday I finished painting the boys room. Now to get rid of a ton of stuff. It does not really look any different, just cleaner. The bunk beds made for a ton of fun at bed time last night. Usually when the boys are having a ton of fun at bed time, the result is a whole lot of trouble...as in they had to get in a whole lot of trouble before actually going to sleep. I think the boys need two separate dungeons, I mean bedrooms, so they can leave each other alone and settle down at night. Too bad for us.

Today is back to normal. See you tomorrow.

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Amber said...

Gross gross gross! I think one of the main things that scared me about pregnancy for so long was the threat of morning sickness. I am so lucky that I haven't thrown up once. In fact, I can only remember puking maybe 3 or 4 times in my whole life. I hope my daughter can inherit that trait from me...