Sunday, January 20, 2008

Parties and a little shopping.

Good Morning, it is Sunday.

Yesterday worked out pretty much as planned. Maren and Lillie had a very nice time at Mel's baby shower. The snow was falling on Maren's drive home and she white knuckled the first half of the drive home until she got lower than the show. Hansen had a great time at Laser Tag and enjoyed Kole's birthday party. After Hansen came home from the party, Preston went to Andrew's house for an overnight. Preston was equipped with two guitars (one guitar hero, one electric) and a sleeping bag. Hansen and I shopped for some paint and a shelving solution to his Lego's. I bought one gallon of white paint which may or may not complete their room (I can always buy more) and we found a cool little 5-shelve book case thing for his room...we will put the current bookcase on Preston's side. Hansen spent the rest of his money on a couple sets of Nerf Laser Tag sets. They were half price so he could afford two. They are pretty cool, Nerf gun with Nerf bullets, vests that the bullets velcro to and cool safety goggles of the Oakley variety. I was just glad it was not more Legos! He has enough Legos for the entire city of Covington.

Preston and I shopped for a keyboard for him while Hansen was at his party. Preston wants a good quality key board that he can play rhythms and other background sounds while he is playing songs. He did not have quite enough cash for the ones he wanted, so he is saving up for another month or two. Preston and a few friends are trying to start a band. They may have something together for the talent show. Who knows, but it sounds like a fun idea to me.

We took Maren to dinner at Applebees for her Birthday dinner. It was very nice. Preston did not come with us as he was at Andrew's house, but that was fine. If we had insisted he come, he would have, but he probably would have been grump the whole time, and we had a fine dinner with just the littles.

Today is Church, Football, and maybe painting the boy's room.

See you tomorrow.

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