Wednesday, January 02, 2008

not much

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Up early because Maren is back to work today. I think she is happy to be going back to work. If only work was from like noon to 3:00pm.

It is so rainy today and last night...the forecast says even more rain this week. Yuck. It has been three weeks since I have golfed, so today when the Ostergards come out, I am going golfing regardless of the rain.

Today is the last day of vacation for the kids. This evening Lillie has dance class, and Preston has gymnastics, so we should be able to get back into routine without too much trouble.

Last night we (me and the boys) watched Spiderman 3. I thought it was a good movie. I think I liked Spiderman 2 a little more? I don't know, the parts were Parker had his evil suit on and thought he was cool, were just too awkward.

Well, not much to blog about today, see you tomorrow.

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