Tuesday, January 29, 2008

No Snow!

Good Morning, it is Tuesday.

I am off to a late start on my blog this morning because there was NO SNOW! Two degrees warmer than the weather folk were guessing and all the precipitation came down in the form of rain. Talk about a world of bummed out kids. Preston had to get up especially early for math club, the others have normal days. Maren is even out the door to a presentation, then she has another class to teach in the evening.

Yesterday when I was complaining that the Kent School District is not too good about school delays and such, I was not the only one. It was on the news that so many people complained about KSD being so lame in the school delay system.

Today we find out what time Hansen has his ear surgery. Tomorrow Hansen will have the permanent tube taken out of his right ear drum, and the hole in his left ear drum worked on so it will heal closed. Ear tubes were the best thing ever for Hansen when he was young, but now it seems, since he has grown and had no ear problems of late, they can only lead to hearing loss, so it is time to take them out.

See you tomorrow.

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