Friday, January 25, 2008

more pukes, Lillie looses 2nd tooth, Maren's boss retiring.

Good Morning, it is Friday.

I am up a little earlier than normal thanks to another kid with the pukes. This time it is Hansen. I did not even bother trying to clean it up myself. Tonight, that was Maren's job. I just supervised Hansen with cleaning his face and hands...a chore in itself. Maren was totally stuck with the worst job. Preston (who sleeps on the top bunk) is now sleeping in my bed. Since it is already 4:30 am, I will just let him stay there and I will watch the golf channel after finishing my blog. With my crummy sleep habits, there is no point in trying to get back to sleep when the alarm will just go off at 6:00 am. Hopefully Hansen is done being sick for the night and will sleep for a long time. I will not be waking him up as he will not be going to school today. Update from an hour later...round 2 for Hansen...this time much better, used his puke bowl and showed a little control. Good for him. Maren and Preston did not have to wake up, good I never went back to sleep.

Yesterday Lillie lost her second tooth. It was the lower front left this time. I could have easily tugged it out for her a day ago, but she was not into that type of tooth extraction this time. This time she waited until the tooth was so loose that if I held her upside down and shook her just a little, the tooth would have given up all will to stay attached to the gum, and just fallen out on its own. She pulled it out herself after breakfast and was very happy. The tooth fairy almost forgot to visit in the night, but with all the Hansen puke racket, the tooth fairy's memory was jogged just enough to remember to visit...and luckily the tooth fairy only bought one lottery ticket this week and still had a spare one dollar bill in his wallet.

Tonight Maren has a retirement party for her boss to attend. Maren's boss is retiring a year early to move across the country to be closer to her daughter who just had her first baby a couple of months ago. She is quiting a very good paying job with peers who like her to move to a different state and provide free child care for daughter. Wow. While Maren is very happy for her current boss (and has enjoyed working for her)... it looks like the last boss Maren had at her old job may be first in line for the vacant job and could be Maren's boss once again. Since this blog could possibly be read by anyone, it would not be good to really say much more...Maren has many options for other jobs in the library world if history chooses to repeats itself.

Today Lillie has Preschool, Hansen is scheduled for Taekwondo Sparring (I doubt that will be happening) and Maren will be home late due to her party.

See you tomorrow.

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