Tuesday, January 08, 2008

missed bus, piano lesson.

Good Morning, it is Tuesday.

Yesterday Maren came home an hour early, not to come home early, but because she had an evening meeting not to far from home, so she came home for a few minutes to even out the meeting time. It was nice she was home, because I got a call from Preston that he, Hansen and their friend Alec missed the bus. Preston told me that they had a substitute teacher that let them out a minute late, then they had to walk all the way around the school to get Hansen, then the bus was the first one to leave when it usually is one of the more middle buses. All this adds up to missing the bus. Well, the boys did just as they should, they went to the office to call me to pick them up. Sounds like they got an ear full from the principal, who then called the substitute teacher and gave her an ear full as well. When I got to the school, the boys were coming over to the car along with their friend Mason and his mom, Michelle who is an old High school friend of mine. Well, it turns out that Michelle was the substitute teacher that let Preston out late, and in turn got an ear full from the teacher. She said that she just had them after the bell rung for one minute to tell them that they were the best class she has ever sub'd for. Sounds like the minute they were late, and the minute the bus left early, and the slow speed the boys walk, all just added up to a missed bus.

Preston and Alec kind of thought it was a fun little adventure. Hansen was worried that he would miss his first ever piano lesson. Well, the car goes so much faster than the bus (as it does not stop every two minutes) that we were home just 5 minutes later than the boys would normally get home. Hansen was fine for his lesson, which he enjoyed. I brought Hansen over to his 5:00 lesson. His teacher is our neighbor, and she is an excellent piano teacher. His lesson started a few minutes late, and she then brought him home ten minutes early and said he had done a great job and they ended early. On the surface that sounds great. Glad he is doing well, great he is learning piano, but I can say that if I was giving a kid a 30 minute golf lesson, started late, then ended ten minutes early...and charged the price for a 30 minute lesson, it would not go over well. I guess I will see if this is a trend before saying anything. Even if they are done 10 minutes early, you would think they would just go over the same stuff, or talk about the weather or play a card game or he could just watch her play for 10 minutes to get a feel for the piano, but to go home so early seems not so good to me.

Today is another very busy day with math club, speech class, Taekwondo, and Maren working a couple hours late due to meetings up north. We hope to see baby Maggie soon.

See you tomorrow.

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