Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Maren teaching, Hansen tubes, Preston soccer

Good Morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday was a fine, non-eventful day for us non-workers. Those who teach classes on the occasional evening, found the day to be a little different. Maren taught a class for the Bellevue School District at their District Headquarters. She said that no one was there to introduce her, show her where to go, guide her in anyway, and what is even weirder, after her presentation (which was attended just fine), everyone left and she was the last person at the Bellevue School District Headquarters. How weird is that. I don't know if there are alarm systems or anything, but I don't think Maren should have been left in charge of that stuff. Very weird. Probably the doors automatically lock an such, but still, when a presenter is teaching a class, a contact person(s) should be there from start to finish...that is just how it should be.

Today Hansen has his ear surgery. Permanent ear tube being taken out in right ear, permanent hole left from ear tube being fixed in the left ear. This is only like a 15 minute procedure, but Hansen and I will be at the hospital for half the day. Thankfully John and Carol will be coming over to help with Preston and Lillie as there is no school. The ear tubes were the best thing ever for Hansen, the poor kid could not talk before he got his tubes (because he could not hear), while this is kind of a pain, the tubes were great and we would not change a thing.

Tonight Preston has soccer practice. He as been invited to be on a select team (City of Auburn) coached by his buddy Connor's dad, Mark. Actual try outs are in a couple of weeks, this is kind of warm up practice, Preston should have no trouble with tryouts as he is quite good at soccer. This is great for Preston. We all think Mark is a great coach, and Preston gets to hang with Connor. And when we are busy with other kids and stuff, Preston can easily get rides to practices and such. The team came around at perfect timing for Preston as he was just quiting gymnastics. We have avoided Select Soccer in the past due to time commitments and cost, but this is a great timing, great situation, and we will give it a try.

Lillie has Dance class tonight. Hansen will just recover. Last time he was under anesthesia (even for just 15 minutes) he kind of thought he was a kitty cat for part of the remainder of the day. That sounds crazy and funny to type, but it is true. Preston remembers...and may have been egging him on. Who knows. We just hope this whole thing is quick and easy for Hansen.

See you tomorrow.

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