Thursday, January 10, 2008

Maren has left for her trip, Hansen's homework.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

It is so rainy this morning and last night, it is amazing I got in a round of golf without getting wet yesterday. I played just fine, and had a fun time. Since around 8 pm last night, it has been hard rain non stop.

Maren is on the road to Philadelphia as of 6 am this morning. She will be home late Monday night. That makes for five long days at our house...we will see what type of trouble we can get into while she is gone. We made a last minute run to the store last night to buy her some noise canceling head phones for the airplane. They are amazingly cheap for such cool technology. I sure would have liked to have some of those on my flights to Florida and back a couple of months ago.

Today Hansen has an appointment with the ear doc to see about taking out his ear tube. He has has a permanent one in for the last few years which has been great, but it may be time for it to come out. Hansen also has taekwondo.

Last night I had Hansen with me at Lillie's gymnastics class. He had some homework to do before he was allowed to play his game boy. Spelling and sentence about torture for an eight year old. His sentence for the spelling word "hate" was: I hate homework! The care and legibility of his homework, as well as the treatment of the paper during his homework rage is sure to impress his teacher.

See you tomorrow.

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