Sunday, January 13, 2008

Maggie's house, L hurt foot

Good Morning, it is Sunday.

It is a nice quiet morning around here this morning. The boys are at Stef's, Maren is still in Philadelphia, and it is just me and Lillie. Stef sent me a picture on the phone of the boys at her place...just as I had guessed, there was Hansen building Legos and Preston playing guitar hero. I will be picking them up around 11:30, I am sure they will not be ready to come home.

Last night Lillie and I planned to go shoe shopping after the Seahawks game, then to see baby Maggie and her fam. We found shoes for each of the boys, a pair of boots for Maren, and of course a pair of shoes for Lillie. I was happily surprised with the good finds at Payless Shoe Source. The Air Walk shoes and the Champion shoes are nice shoes for not a huge price.

At Maggie's house we showed up to a practical party. There were a lot of folks around. I watched the Pats game. Everyone in the room was rooting for the Jags to win, but by the end of the third quarter it was clear that that was not going to be the conclusion. I like the Pats just long as they beat Green Bay in the Super Bowl, you know, after Green Bay hammered the Seahawks. I was holding Maggie for 10 minutes. She was very alert for a 6 day old. While I was holding her she did not need to eat or poop, she was happy just looking around. I did not hold her last time because Maren took my turn and hogged Maggie. I figured since she was in Philadelphia, she could not take my turn, but she called my cell phone and had to give Maggie away. She was happy she could mess up my turn with Maggie even from across the country!

Lillie and Camden were playing jump down the stairs games and such. Lillie tried some type of spin jump and hurt her foot. She was limping around after the initial major pain was over. I figured she would be better this morning, but she is still hurting. She can move it just fine, it does not look too swollen, but the bottom of her heel hurts when she stands on it. She must have sprained it. It seems to me that if anything was broken it would be swollen and bruised, so we will give it a few days to heal on its own. But I think we will skip Sunday School today and let her just relax on the couch.

I put my full name, Julian Slane, in the title of this blog to see if that will pop up when I Google my name. If you Google me, not much comes up, just a few running races and some golf stuff. Maybe this will bring up my is a test. Maren has pages and pages and pages of her work come up if you Google her. I may come back later and edit the title to take my name off...I just took my name off the title, 12/27/08...will see if this is always on google, or if it disappears.

See you tomorrow.


sussah said...

you are definitely googleable now. but there was another entry about a race in Seattle and I know that was you too. I hope Maren's trip goes fine, and Lillie's foot is all better soon. Love to all of you, Susanna

Julian's Blog said...

It worked! Yeah, there are a few running races and some golf stuff...and not the blog.

Julian's Blog said...

I just wrote "not" when I tried to write "now"...not the same.

Anonymous said...

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