Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Looking for a better day.

Good Morning, it is Wednesday.

Looking for a better day today. Yesterday Preston did not go to school because he felt sick. He seemed a ton better the second half of yesterday, so I suspect he will be off to school today. Lillie also was doing well last night. Hansen has never felt sick at all. We sat around and watched American Idol last night. I tried to convince the kids that when I went down to Florida to visit my parents, I had actually gone to Chicago to audition for American Idol and they would be seeing me in costume singing horribly. They did not buy it...the audition part, they know I am a horrible singer.

It has been in the lower 20's at night around here, today it may get up to around 38 degrees. The good news is that the sun is out. This evening is when the rain is supposed to return, they just don't know if it will be snow or not...depends on how cold it is when the clouds roll in. I will be golfing today. I suspect there will a number of golfers out today since it will be sunny and for forecast for the next while is wet.

Tonight is Lillie's dance class. She says she still loves dance, just hates the bar. I guess they uses the bar to stretch and stuff. Lillie says that she tells the teacher that the bar is killing her! The dance folks have it figured out...offer up a very fancy, somewhat expensive recital outfit and a chance to dance in front of a few hundred people in the recital and the kids like Lillie can overlook the temporary pain of the bar.

Preston is going to quit gymnastics. It is too bad in a way, and just great in a way. The only way for him to continue at his current place with his current teacher and be with kids his own age is to go into the team type setting. He does not want to do the team as it it three + days per week, nor does he enjoy doing gymnastics with short 8 year olds. I think he has learned what he set out to learn and is ready to be done. He is enjoying playing the guitar and stuff much more these days. Track in late March and Soccer after that will keep him going just fine.

Hansen will test for his Blue belt on Saturday. He is an excited camper.

See you tomorrow.

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