Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ice golf, recital preview.

Good Morning, it is Thursday.

Yesterday started cold, and stayed that way. I went golfing and met up with a couple of folks I know and had a fun round of golf. The temp probably got up to around 40 degrees and there was still ice where there may have been puddles. This picture is of the 5th green at Elk Run. I took it on my phone. I could not see the ice from the fairway, but my ball did take a very big hop and skidded over the green. I would say about 3 or 4 greens were very hard, the rest were surprisingly playable.

Lillie's dance class let the parents in for the last minute of class to preview the first part of the recital routine. Just the part where the girls come in and take their places. Lillie gets to be in the very front! She says it is because she has performed in the most recitals. It was very cute.

Today Maren works until 8:00. Hansen has Taekwondo, Lillie has Preschool, and I am scheduled to help in Hansen's classroom for a couple of hours.

See you tomorrow.

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