Friday, January 18, 2008

helped in Hansen's class, a couple of birthdays tomorrow.

Good Morning, it is Friday.

Yesterday I helped in Hansen's class room. There was a substitute teacher. I usually will skip my helping days when there is a sub, but I showed up yesterday as there is usually a list of things to do like laminate and cut out stuff. A couple of boys from the class (not Hansen mind you) decided to go to the bathroom together and make a ruckus. I got to go in and fix the situation. I guess it was good I showed up. Poor sub, 20 good kids, and a few not so good to mess things up for her. I think I don't want to be a substitute teacher. A full time teacher, yes, a sub, not so much.

Lillie and I went to the dollar store during Hansen's Taekwondo to buy Maren birthday stuff (Preston is old enough to stay at home for short periods by himself...and he would never pass on a chance to do so). Lillie wants Maren to have a princess party. I am sure Maren will not mind. For those who don't know, tomorrow is Maren's birthday. Tomorrow is also my mom's birthday. I have never in my whole life not lived with someone who has a birthday on January 19th. I hope I don't forget about birthdays this year. Better tie a string on my finger. Hmm, what is that string on my finger for? Oh yea, better tie another string on my other finger to remind me of what the first string is for. That was fun, just like Ernie. I don't really need to to that, but I do go out in the garage on a regular basis, get there and wonder why I just walked into the garage. I then look around, walk back into the house, then remember why I went out there in the first guessed it, probably to get something, but what? Are there any birthdays to remember tomorrow? What are those strings on my finger for? Hmm.

Today Lillie has a friend coming over for a play date at 10:00. Then she has preschool. Tonight is Hansen's Taekwondo sparring class. Finally the chance to beat people up without getting in trouble. You know, like the trouble you get in for beating up your little sister.

See you tomorrow.

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Amber said...

Ahhh the memories... I remember getting beat up by my big brothers. If only our parents had thought of taking Eric to tae kwon do to get that aggression out.

Only, I think it just would've taught him new moves to use on me...

Oh, and I'm getting so forgetful about birthdays and things I've gone into a room to do and all that. I can blame it on pregnancy, right?

Happy Birthday Maren!! Enjoy the Princess Party :)