Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year.

Good Morning, it is Tuesday. Happy 2008!

Lillie just could not stay awake past 10:30. We did watch the NY new years at 8:00 so she got to see some excitement. I wanted to see that kid (in Vegas) jump his motorcycle 320 feet. I don't think you can really see how crazy that is on the TV...and it looked pretty crazy on TV. The boys had no trouble staying up. The just played Nintendo and goofed off. At midnight, we had some sparkling cider, made some noise, and went outside and did some sparklers. The boys ran around the culdesac with their sparklers yelling Happy New years. We were the only ones out in our whole culdesac. The other streets in the neighborhood saved some very good fireworks and it looked like the 4th of July all over again for ten minutes or so. The Space Needle did not go off right...that was kind of funny watching the newscasters make up stories as we watched a Space Needle without fireworks for a few minutes.

The boys have not come down stairs yet...I just yelled for them and they are kind of awake. They were mad that I wanted lights off at 1:00 am. They seemed to think they should just party for the entire night. Back to school in a few days, that will sober them right up.

Here is one for you. One of Hansen's best friends who is 9 or 10 years old has an x-box 360 and is allowed to play Halo 3 as much as he wants as well as other war games that are rated M. Yet he can not watch the Simpson Movie because of the fowl language. Maren says that some folks see war games as a very black and white, good vs. bad type of thing, so in their opinion, they are not so bad. But movies with fowl language (and the Simpson Movie has some) are just not acceptable. Seems not on plane to me, some of the games like Halo 3 have you kill violently and then you like see death in the people's eyes you killed, and that is fun? Not fun for me to play, but I do know that many folk love those games. I just go by the ratings. M ratings, not for 10 year olds. A few bad words in the Simpson Movie, it is not like the kids don't know them all anyway. That is my parenting rant for the day.

Hope you had a nice time ringing in the new year. See you tomorrow.

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