Saturday, January 19, 2008

Happy Birthdays!!!, Baby Shower, guitar/i-pod.

Good Morning, it is Saturday.

Happy Birthday Maren!

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is also Melanie's baby shower. How do you plural that for twins? Babies shower? Babies showers? Who knows, but I bet there will be two of everything. Maren and Lillie are scheduled to go. Maren is a little worried about driving in possible North Bend snow. She may try to talk me into driving her, we will see...with the boy's plans, I am not sure it is possible.

Hansen is going to Kole's birthday party at the Laser Tag place. I am sure he will have a great time. Preston was at the Laser Tag place once, I guess it is very fun.

Preston is planing on going to Andrew's house to play guitar. Preston plays piano and clarinet well, Andrew plays drums well. They both have their own guitars and have decided they want to learn to play. Neither of them are able to take guitar lessons just now, but they are both smart kids with instructional books on the guitar...I think they can figure it out. Preston will also bother me to no end until I set up an account so he can buy songs for his i-pod (I gave him my old i-pod, which was Maren's old i-pod. Hansen got Preston's old mp3 player and I got back Hansen's old mp3 player which was mine a couple of years will go to Lillie some day. So technology in our family usually has Maren #1, Preston #2, Hansen #3, Lillie and Julian #4&5...unless I really care, then I can be # 2 for awhile. Follow that?). So far it is just loaded with songs we have on CD and was my i-pod afterall. He does not mind U2, The Beatles, and the Rolling Stones, but I think he wants his own music on there as well.

See you tomorrow.

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