Sunday, January 06, 2008

Hansen's final party.

Good Morning, it is Sunday.

There is snow on the ground, but it is not sticking on the roads. Looks like that will be the weather trend for a few days.

Yesterday was the calm day between parties. Today is Hansen's final birthday party. Today's party is just family. Maren made a very cool birthday cake that is the shape of a LEGO block. Should be yummy. It will be interesting how many show up for the party because Maren's cousin Amy has been in the hospital since Friday evening trying to have a baby. She has not had her baby yet, but they have not sent her home either. We will just go along as planned unless plans change.

The Seahawk game seemed a lot closer than the score indicated. At least they won. Kudos to Jacksonville for not quitting. I did not see much of that game, but they came back from way behind to win.

Today it will be Sunday School, Church, Lunch, Hansen's birthday party.

See you tomorrow.

PS. I spelled every word correctly in today's blog...that is a first!

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