Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hansen's ear surgery successful

Good Morning, it is Thursday.

Hansen's ear surgery went just fine. They took the T-tube out, and patched the hole over with a disposable patch. The Doctor said as he was looking at the other ear under the high powered microscope getting ready to rough up and patch the hole from past tubes, he noticed the hole had fixed itself...but the skin that has healed the over the hole is more clear and hard to see under the regular ear light. So only work on one ear. Hansen had no trouble dealing with anesthesia and was doing just fine hours after the surgery. He did not have any troubles at the hospital either. He was pretty loopy with the meds to zonk him out prior to the anesthesia. He kept thinking he should be able to get up and walk around and I had to make sure he did not. He will be back to school as normal today. And in the summer, he should be swimming without earplugs.

Preston enjoyed his soccer practice, I expect he will enjoy his new soccer team. Lillie's dance class brought the parents into the class at the end of class to show off their latest routine. It was very cute.

Today Maren works a regular shift, Lillie has gymnastics (make up for Monday's snow day) and preschool, and Hansen has Taekwondo. I am scheduled to help for a little bit in Hansen's school class today.

See you tomorrow.

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