Saturday, January 05, 2008

Hansen's Chuck E Cheese party.

Good afternoon, it is Saturday.

Well, finally getting going. The computer did not work this morning, so I reset it a few times like the computer guy did, and an hour later, finally got it going. The refrigerator is not working perfectly still, and this morning the furnace was not working either...I had to reset it as well. Sometimes it feels like we live in a Bermuda Triangle of sorts when it comes to our appliances.

Last night was a very fun time for the kids. I took them and Hansen's friend Kole to Chuck E Cheese for dinner and fun. Each kid got 25 tokens, refillable pop, and a large Pizza to split. Lillie was off like a dart. She started by climbing in the big toys, then went on to using her tokens for rides and such. Hansen and Kole were going every witch way trying for tickets to trade in for prizes. Preston happened to hit a jackpot on a ticket game and won 250 tickets. It was like Vegas or something. It took a couple of minutes for the machine to spit out 250 tickets. I just sat at the table and tried to avoid the madness.

Afterwards we came home, had some cake and ice cream, opened the gift from Kole, then settled down and watched the Simpson Movie. The Simpson Movie had not gotten old yet. Kole had never seen the movie and said it was the funniest movie he has ever seen.

Hansen, Kole, and Preston finally went to sleep around 1:00am. Hansen is sitting building a bionicle set he got for his birthday.

In a short time we will watch the Seahawks hopefully beat the Redskins to advance in the playoffs.

See you tomorrow.

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