Friday, January 04, 2008

Hansen's birthday-uncle Corey visits, computers back.

Good Morning, it is Friday.

I am using my old computer!!! Yesterday the computer guy (Kevin) who works on Ostergard computers stopped by and reset my computer. I should have been able to do the same thing myself, have done it on old computers, but I was worried about loosing photos and stuff this time. Money well spent, my computer is back up.

Hansen had a great birthday party. He even got a surprise guest that made his little birthday day party extra fun. Uncle Corey stopped bye. Corey was originally going to come visit on Saturday, but he is going to the Seahawk play off game, so last night worked just fine. We were just happy to have him stop by. Lillie told me ahead of time that I would be chopped liver while Corey was over, but after he left she would like me again. That was pretty accurate. I had to take Corey with me to pick up pizza just to give him a break from Lillie hanging from his neck. Corey brought the boys the coolest gift, (I may have to inherit one of them) along with a cool Nerf gun for Hansen's birthday, he brought actual construction hats, made with the Seahawks Logo. Who knew construction workers could have NFL logo head wear. And Lillie got a pink Seahawks ball cap. Hansen's first party was a success. Oh yes, Maren and I had a very nice anniversary as well (in small letters, as it was a side note to Hansen's birthday party).

Today is Hansen's class field trip to the Seattle Children's Theatre to see the play The Never Ending Story. I think he will really enjoy it. Then tonight he has Kole spending the night and we are going to Chuckie Cheese for his Birthday. He chose to have just one friend go with him to Chuckie Cheese, then spend the night, as opposed to a bigger friend party with no one spending the night. Then if that is not enough, Sunday is his big family birthday party. I guess you only turn eight once.

This morning is very windy and very rainy. Not crazy cold yet, they say it may snow tomorrow? Maybe they are just hyping everything up for the Seahawks game.

See you tomorrow.

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