Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hansen testing, no cable, kid sports.

Good Morning, it is Wednesday.

Hansen is doing testing this week at school. The tests are the one that all second graders in the Kent School District take to help with their placement the following year and such. This is the test that Preston aced and ended up in the Highly Capable Program. It would be great if Hansen tested well and made it into the program as it is such a good program, but if not, no problem...maybe better for him as he hates homework so much. Actually he just hates spelling homework. Anyhow, I was asking him how the testing was going and he said it was going well and it was very easy. The only thing is that the teacher has him (maybe the whole class, maybe just him because of his nature) scared to erase an incorrect answer in fear the computer will not be able to read the test sheet because of an erasure mark. Hansen said that there were at least two answers he knows were wrong, but he did not change them to the correct answer because of the whole erasure marks thing. How is that for intimidating? Hopefully I convinced him to go ahead an put the correct answer down in the future and just erase the best you can. Hansen is too good at following rules at school and in other situations...that are not home and the rules are not mine...he can't follow my rules to save his life. Even in Sparring class I had to explain to him that when he is practicing with others and it is his turn to be the punching bag, he can move a little as not to get hit too hard...and if his partner is going to hit hard, he should certainly do the same back. When it is time to fight in sparring class he gets it and does very well, he just was getting beat up a little during practice drills because he thought he was supposed to just take it as the teacher demonstrated. But his partner (red belt, awesome at sparring) moved to protect himself. I think Hansen will be better at that next time, and at correcting test answers as well.

Last night was American Idol. The cable was out. The cable was out. Maren was freaking out from about 4:00 pm on as the cable had been out for some time. I found some rabbit ears and got one TV to get a crummy picture, but it did work. We huddled around a poor picture to watch American Idol. It seemed very funny to me, both the show and our situation. The first few episodes are the best IMO. One of the neighbors came over to see if I had any rabbit ears they could borrow so they could watch American Idol as well. I was using my only set. What will happen in the not so distant future when they no longer send tv signals through the air? When the cable is out, there will just be no option. I am not so sure the new way will be for the best. I guess the govt. is trying to free up air space for use in case of emergencies.

Today is Preston's gymnastics and Lillie's dance class. Preston was invited to be on the gymnastics's club team. Kind of like select soccer or little league baseball. The club practices three times per week for two hours per practice, travels within the state for meets, and costs a lot more money. Preston has turned down select soccer in the past because he wanted to also do gymnastics and golf and just have time to goof off. The result will be the same with gymnastics, it is nice that they offered the club to him, but that is just too much. Too much time, too much travel, too much money, and too much commitment for a eleven year old to give up other sports. I really wish this was not the trend in Junior sports these days. Eleven years old is just not old enough to give up other sports for just one. It is not like all these kids become big bucks professional just turns them off of a sport they like because it is just too much. I think Preston will actually try select soccer this fall, but mainly just because that is the only way to get a good coach and a good team, and he would only do it if he was on his friend Connor's team. I guess Hansen's taekwondo is about the same thing, he generally goes two times per week, three times per week with sparring. Taekwondo is not cheap by any means, but they do not travel all over the place on the weekends. Lillie is talking about quiting gymnastics and trying soccer again. If only there were team snacks after gymnastics. She said she would consider quiting dance, but she just loves the recitals and the recital costumes too much. I think Lillie will be a good little golfer when I let her.

See you tomorrow.

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