Saturday, January 12, 2008

Hansen aces spelling test, boys overnight

Good Morning, it is Saturday.

The only reason I woke up by 8:30 this morning is because Lillie woke up at 8:00 and needed someone to bother. I could have slept until after 9:00...maybe. The boys are still sleeping.

Lillie just asked about the party. She is going to her friend Samantha's birthday party today at 1:30. I told her after lunch, she is both happy the party is today, and bummed out that she has to wait another five hours.

Yesterday Hansen brought home his spelling test. 100%. First time ever his has gotten all his spelling words correct. He had made a deal with Maren that if he could get 100% on his spelling test, she would give him one dollar. Well, Maren is not in town, so I find myself paying off her debts. Congrats to Hansen. Preston is not sure what to think of being excited for Hansen getting 100% on his spelling test for once...after all, I think Preston never even missed a spelling word in the second grade.

We watched the Simpson Movie again for the 15th time. Hansen invited Kole who was watching it for the second time. The only problem with watching the movie so many times is that Lillie is now starting to recite lines that are not so good to hear from her little mouth. At least her favorite part to recite is just the very beginning part where Bart's squeaky voice opens the Da da da daaaa, da da da daaaa. That is kind of cute.

Today Stef is picking up the boys to take them to Bellevue Square, then an overnight at her place. This is Hansen birthday gift from her. A stop at the Lego Store is the main attraction and may take over an hour. Hansen has never been to the Lego Store, just the Lego Isle. The Lego Store would test my patience, a test I would probably fail. I am sure they will have a great time. Hansen asked to invite Preston, and everyone agreed. So Preston is also off on the excellent adventure. I think he will spend the evening playing guitar hero while Hansen builds Legos. Tomorrow morning I will bring Lillie to Sunday School, then we will go pick up the boys.

Me and Lillie will be fast and fancy free. We may go shopping after her birthday party and the Seahawks game. I have come to the realization that Preston has only like one pair of pants that fit him (he has gotten too tall...he has been wearing sweats lately) and neither of the boys have a decent pair of shoes. I thought Preston did, but he showed me how the sole is not actually attached to the shoe and the water just flows in. Hansen has two pairs that fit, but they are falling apart quickly. These kids have such big feet! Hansen is in size 4.5, and Preston is in a mens 8.5. Preston's feet are now bigger than his moms! Lillie has everything she needs, but clothes shopping is her middle name.

Go Seahawks!

See you tomorrow.

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